Cheristin For Cats

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Elanco Animal Health
Pros: NONE
I had been treating my cats with Comfortis and then on to Cheristin for Cats for about 1-1/2 years beginning in late 2014.  She began to exhibit symptoms of toxicity about 6 months after the switch to Cheristin for Cats in early 2016.

She died a horrific death of neurotoxic paralysis in June of 2016.

Needless to say, I am heart broken and would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE.

As for Elanco Pharmaceuticals, they are a very evil company and they deny that her untimely death was caused by this poison that they manufacture and distribute everywhere.  Shame on them.

I am not letting this one go.  The company is in denial of course as are many of the veterinarians that were involved in this specific incident as they are making a lot of money selling this poison at ~$25.00 a pop! I am telling everyone that will listen to me what happened to my poor beloved cat, including local shelters and feed stores and pet stores and anyone else that will listen.  I hope to see this product OFF THE SHELVES soon!