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Cheristin For Cats

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Elanco Animal Health
  • Cheristin for cats topical flea control is designed to kill 98–100% of fleas in just 12 hours. Quick and easy to use, this product is efficient and provides long lasting flea control.
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    Elanco Animal Health
    Quick and Effective, killing up to 100% of fleas within 12 hours
    Continues killing fleas for a full month after application
    Easy to use, efficient and provides long lasting flea control
    Features an applicator tip that is designed to be gentle to apply
    Elanco Animal Health
    Elanco Animal Health
    Elanco Animal Health
    Elanco Animal Health
    Cheristin For Cats - 6pk by Lilly
    Pet Products
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    Item Height:
    6 inches
    Item Length:
    4 inches
    Item Weight:
    0.1 pounds
    Item Width:
    1.25 inches
    Package Height:
    1.2 inches
    Package Length:
    6 inches
    Package Weight:
    0.1 pounds
    Package Width:
    4 inches
    Use only as directed.
    ORM-D Class 9

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  1. juliebelle26
    I am (was) the owner of two beautiful older cats until Saturday, September 4, 2017. Thumbelina was a 13 yr. old long-haired domestic golden-haired beauty who was blind in one eye and had hyperthyroidism, and Fletcher is a rambunctious 10 yr. old Orange Maine Coon – Tabby mix. They’d been together for years and were a bonded pair.

    I phoned my Vet’s office to pick up some flea medicine but since it’d been over a year since Thumbelina had been seen, the receptionist said I’d have to get a full check-up to get the Capstar tablet Thumbie usually got. I could get Cheristin, which she said worked quickly and effectively, w/o an appointment. Being temporarily out of work, I decided to go with the cheaper option and got the Cheristin.

    I arrived home and applied the Cheristin after thoroughly reading the package insert at 5PM. Thumbie was OK for awhile. But he kept coming up to me like he wanted me to open a can a food yet he just walked away. By 11PM he was just lying in the bathtub, I didn’t think this was so unusual because we are in the midst of a heatwave here in San Diego. About 4am he cried out and I went to find he’d spilled his water dish and was sliding around in the wet tub. I picked him up in a towel and held him while I laid back down. He seemed OK and purred a bit. The Cheristin package insert had said “inappetance” was a side effect and I heard that if a cat stops eating, organ failure can set in. I had some fresh cream and gave him several eyedroppers of cream. I watched him awhile, he seemed calmed down. Around 10AM I heard flopping noises, I believe he was having seizures at this point. I wrapped him up and drove to the VCA ER Hospital. 10 minutes prior to our arrival he died in my arms.

    This beautiful cat was healthy and happy, minus the annoyance of fleas, just 18 hours previously, and other than Cheristin, I can think of nothing responsible for his horrific and seemingly painful last hours of life. I'm positively heartbroken.
  2. jules10
    I have never received any justice for the death of my beloved sweet kitty.  It saddens me greatly.  When I attempt to tell veterinarians about what happened to her, they treat me as if I am a crazy person.  I am crazy with sadness and a broken heart yes, but of sound mind.  I notice they all have free mouse pads on their desks bearing the name of these products made by Elanco.  By giving these fools idiotic little toys to play with, it is their hope that the likes of me will just go away and no one will dare to bother to mention how many dogs and cats have died from the use of the poison in these products. 
    You can buy large containers spinosad on ebay.com.  It is being sold by someone in Lancaster, PA.  It is being advertised to use on crops.  A cat/dog is not a crop, it is an animal for God's sake. Given the location, I must admit the idea crossed my mind as to other uses for spinosad, like a kennel spray to kill fleas and other pests dare one suggest?   :(
    All is said and done now and I have nothing left but the memories of my sweet girl and sadness that will never go away.  Thank you for your kind words, I do appreciate it more than you'll ever know!
  3. seventhheaven
    So so sorry that this happened to You! No one deserves this.  It's so disappointing that some products are Not safe are being Sold :(  Whats wrong with people!?! Dog food gets pulled immediately..hope you can get lots of support to fight this battle on behalf in honor of your beloved baby.
  4. jules10
    I got a call from an old friend last night.  She has a cat that she loves so very much named "Fluff".  Well Fluff had developed feline allergic dermatitis (flea allergy) and the vet had Fluff on Cheristin for Cats.  She had run into me right after my cat died and I was a mess and was crying.  She asked me what was wrong and I told her and she said, "Oh no!  This is what they've had me putting on Fluff!  Do you think I should stop?". 
    I advised her to STOP immediately and told her what the early signs of toxicity were (hiding, etc.) and she was hesitant to discontinue use of Cheristin for Cats.  However, she said my face crying was a burned image in her mind and when she took Fluff back to the vet the other day, they gave her more Cheristin for Cats to put on Fluff.  She pushed the vets hand away that had the Cheristin in it and said NO!  I do not want this poison and my dear friend is so sad!  Her cat has died from this garbage and you hurt my friend real bad and killed her dear cat!  The vet went on to tell her I was crazy and she told the vet that I was anything BUT crazy and then told the vet that "Hey you are pushing this poison and it is not even approved by the FDA!". 
    She said that after that last statement re: the FDA the vet was like nailed to the wall and had no come back.  If I have saved just one cat named Fluff (as symptoms of toxicity were beginning to emerge) I am seeing results in my quest to shut this evil poison pushing company DOWN. 
    May Fluff live a long long life!   Thanks to all that have had the guts to push the poison back into the hand trying to give it.  This poison will kill if it has the chance to build up to toxic levels and you don't even want to really know what it is like to witness a case of neurotoxic paralysis! 
    I still cry every day.  Will this ever stop?  God help me! 
  5. jules10
    Just because some technician says it is safe doesn't mean squat to me!  Said technician doesn't have a DEAD cat does said person?  These greedy people will tell you anything at all to sell you something.
    Seriously, does it make sense to have an insecticide that will KILL horses, bees, etc. on YOUR cat?  No it does not make any sense at all to me.  My cat was not an insect, it was a mammal known as a CAT.
    Let them continue to peddle their toxic goods. 
    Awareness is the key to this nightmare of a problem. 
    I'd go so far as to turn them in for pushing this poison.  Yes, I would go that far and yes, I WILL GO THAT FAR!
  6. apollobw
    So sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat and my cat, Otis. I didn't speak directly to my vet, but spoke to her tech, and she said the vet said Cheristin was safe and I am pretty sure they sell it at the clinic. I don't know how else to get the word out, something like Change.org for pets. Amazon is back selling it and giving it a 4.4 star. Our reviews are still there though.
    I did put Advantage II on Skye's (photo) brother, who still had fleas after Cheristin, and he seems to be doing fine. I put it on six days before the month was up and even though you try to get it where he can't reach, he scratched with his paw and licked his paw twice, gagging and drooling for a little, but that was soon after I put it on him. Today, he seems fine.
  7. jules10
    It is very sad.  I'm still crying 2 mos. after her untimely death with no restitution in sight.  Sickening situation to say the very least. 
  8. leen and alice
  9. catluvr321
  10. jules10
    Thank you snowpawprint.  I am still devastated to say the least.  I wish I knew what do say and/or do.  I keep telling myself that she is in a better place now but selfish me is sad and wants her back w/me and that is not going to happen.  My grief is overwhelming and I am being treated like a crazy person by too many people that I run across.
    They say to me it is an isolated event.  Oddly, as I was leaving Safeway (I just got home) the woman in front of me said her dog had seizures from this same stuff and she never gave the dog anymore of it so no, it is not a figment of my imagination.
    It is a very grim reality and I just hate the way it is being covered up! 
    I finally got through to the vet and they had to report it to Elanco.  The manager of the place never bothered to even say they were sorry.  All they could talk about was my failure to bring my cat back to them for more testing.   It is a shame that they did not recognize that my cat had all of the symptoms of being poisoned! 
    It angers me something fierce but it is like banging your head against a brick wall trying to get others to simply listen.  I guess they'll figure it out when their cat or dog falls ill and/or die as mine did. 
    My poor dear girl is gone.  That is all I know right now. 
    Thanks again friends. 
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