Chemical GuysProfessional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush

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Pros: effective, two parts on brush to remove hair, easy to clean out hair from brush, reasonably priced
Cons: none that i can think of
i use throws for my cats to curl up on, both on furniture and on the cushions of their cat beds during the winter months. these throws pretty quickly accumulate much shed cat hair on them, which hasn't been easy to remove from the throws.

this Chemical Guys Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush makes quick work of removing the cat hair before i put the throws in the washing machine. it's light weight, and has two parts of the brush to choose from when i'm using it to remove hair. there's the 'bristles' part, which has soft-to-the-touch thick rubber bristles that are flexible; and there's the scraper edge part, which is on one edge of where the bristles are and is a little firmer rubber but still slightly flexible. in my experience with this hair removal brush, both the rubber bristles and the scraper edge parts have removed cat hair easily and effectively.

cleaning the cat hair out of the brush afterwards is very quick and easy.

this Chemical Guys Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush saves me time and effort, and i feel the price is reasonable.

i gave a rating of 4 1/2 stars because i've only had this brush for two months, so i don't know how it will hold up over time.