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Cheese Chase Multi Cat Toy

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  1. jennifurr
    "Fun for kittens"
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    Dec 1, 2015
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    Pros - Sparks interest in kittens, young cats;
    Cons - Older cats uninterested
    I have this toy at the animal shelter. I usually play with this with the kittens and young cats. They would be enthralled enough to play with it for an hour, sometimes more! Some adult cats might play with it, but other older cats may not show interest. Overall, this is a great product for younger cats to enjoy!
  2. donutte
    "Cats like this more in passing"
    Pros - Doesn't take up a lot of room
    Cons - Cats are not that interested
    This was another toy that was passed down to me for my kittens. The kittens showed some mild interest in it, but it really didn't strike their fancy much. Now, my Penelopy, a 3-year-old shelter cat I adopted recently, likes it more than anyone else, although it's more when she's a tad bored, or trying to LOOK bored (she's actually keeping an eye on Oscar so she can pounce on him).

    I wouldn't personally buy this myself, but it is worth it to leave it out for them even if it's not used much. Anything for my babies :)
  3. lemondrop
    "Cats have fun"
    Pros - Cats love it
    Cons - Mouse comes off easily
    My cats really enjoy playing with this toy. They mostly bat around the outer ring, but sometimes they go after the toy inside. They quickly figured out that they could pull the mouse off the top fairly easily, so they have fun playing with that as a separate piece. 
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  4. 2cats4me
    "Cats love it !"
    Pros - Keeps the cats entertained , very sturdy . Well except the toy on the top . My cats chewed it off ..
    My cats go crazy with this toy . They play with it at the same time . I think they like to have a race .. They chewed the toy on the top so I had to take the little pole out but they still love it .. 

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  5. Draco
    "Cats enjoy it"
    Pros - Durable, does not tip.
    Cons - None!
    My cats enjoy this. They are not fanatic over it, but I often would catch them batting the ball around the outer ring. Sometimes two of my cats would ping-pong it back and forth to each other!

    They never play with the mouse on top, nor the center ball holds their interest.
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  6. wannahelp
    "Doesn't hold their attention"
    Pros - Well made, cats do play with it occasionally, cats can play together or alone
    Cons - Cats get bored easily, a little noisy, dust and dirt gets into holes on top, doesn't need batteries
    When I first bought this toy, my cats loved it. Now, it's a last resort for my male when he's really bored and I can't play with him. Even at that, he only plays for a couple of minutes, and he's usually lying down. When I first got it, both cats would stalk and pounce the ball as it moved, grab the mouse on top, and were generally intrigued. My male even tried putting a toy mouse between the disks and tried to get those to spin around. When my brother's cats came to live with me, we had to buy another one for them. It wasn't long before they abandoned it too. I think it may be more stimulating for kittens. However, it is a toy that can be enjoyed by multiple cats simultaneously (two in my experience) and also one that can be enjoyed by cats when alone, or with the interaction of their human companions.
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