Ceramic Cat Fountain, handmade


General Information

This is a food-safe ceramic, handmade cat fountain. It's absolutely beautiful, comes with a 20 year warranty (hope the cats live that long) and most importantly, the pump doesn't make a noise. You only hear the water trickling. I had the Rogue sticking his tongue in the minute after I had it assembled!

Latest reviews

Pros: beautiful, easy to set up/clean, pump does not make any noise.
Cons: expensive
this comes from thirsty cat fountains, a small shop that sells single pieces, so you won't be able to buy the exact same one (ha! mine). But, that said, they have a lot of beautiful single pieces.

What can I say. I've wanted this for a long time... it's absolutely beautiful. It ships with a lot of biodegradable peanuts that the Rogue wanted to eat. I had him sticking his tongue in the minute I set it up, and Grisou was swatting the water sprout after a half hour of careful watching.


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