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  1. Neo_23
    Pros - Little dust, great odor control, lasts a long time, little tracking with the longhair version
    Cons - You will need to purchase a scoop with large holes.
    I am so pleased with this litter. It truly works “perfectly” for me in every way. My cat took to it right away and the odor control is great! I’m using the longhair version even though my cat is a shorthair because I find it tracks very little. It clumps very well for a Natural litter. There are sometimes a few small pieces that seperate from the clump but it’s really not a bother to just quickly scoop them out individually. You will need to make sure that you have a scoop with large enough holes for the wood to fall through though. Highly recommend!

    Edit: Users should note that this product is also available in North America now.
  2. sair
    "The best available in the uk"
    Pros - Anti allergy, low dust, pee balls easily, solids can be picked out, 6 -8 cm deep lasts 2 weeks
    Cons - Tracks tracks tracks!
    Having had EVERY type of litter and being sick of the smell and constantly cleaning out trays we turned to Öko cats best and it was the best thing we ever did! All of our cats went straight to it from our babies to our 17yr old . It naturally has a woodsy smell but nothing overpowering, and as long as solid waste is removed (flushed binned or composted) it stays that way. It works with natural plant fibers and is a germ trap so win win ! And wet waste turns sticky so doesn't fall apart and is easy to remove. All in all best in uk!
  3. morganalefae
    "My cats hated this litter"
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    Apr 11, 2015
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    Pros - None that I can see
    Cons - It stinks out of the bag, no odour control tracked every place!
    I have used lots of different litters over the years with various cats I have had. Since moving to the UK and getting my two little monsters and reading some of the reviews and cat magazines here raving about this litter, I like a fool bought a big bag cuz I have 2-3 litter boxes being used at any one time. Plus they did not have any of our normal litter in.

    The issues started on day one my female would use it but only if she really really had to and my male used it a few times but  the litter stuck to his paws while he was trying to cover his mess and he came out looking like he had poo all over his feet but it was the litter. I had to give him a bath to get it off (yes I gave him a warm paw bath I'm not heartless & he likes baths!) but after the first day of having to clean his paws and literly having to clean it after every use (I clean my cat boxes at lest once a day) Because it would smell that bad I was getting turned off by the litter.

    By the following morning I found my male had peed and pooed next to his litter box I thought maybe it was a one off but that day I rang up the pet store we normally go to to see if they had the litter we normally used in stock was told it would be at lest 4 days til they got the litter in (long time I think honestly) But ok we could tough  it out.

    A week later they finally had the normal litter we used and we bought as much as we could. He had relived himself by his litter box the whole time that litter was in his box. We did try adding the normal litter with a bit of this and slowly increased it but by the time it got to roughly 50-50 he would not use it.

    Thankfully the female was not as bad but I could tell she did not like the litter and it would track everyplace cuz of getting stuck on their paws (his were bad hers not so much)

    Over all the litter does not live up to the hype for me anyway, the litter tracked more then pet store brand (which was pretty bad) it would stick to their paws (the males was the worse) not worth the hype or price and it made my cats sneeze! I dont recommend this period.
  4. jcat
    "A good litter for shelters or multi-cat homes"
    Pros - Light-weight, compostable, clumps well, readily accepted
    Cons - Easily tracked, odor control could be better
    This is the litter used by our local animal shelter. With 70+ cats, an awful lot of litter is used, so one that is compostable is an absolute "must", and its light weight is a definite plus since huge quantities are being bought and carried. Öko Plus clumps very well. It's readily accepted by the shelter cats, even ferals previously unused to litter boxes. On the downside, it merely does a satisfactory job of controlling odor and is very easily tracked. Cats that love to scratch litter manage to spread it over an entire room in minutes.
  5. katocats
    "Best litter we have ever used"
    Pros - Scoops easily, No waste, Easily desposable.
    Cons - Can be tracked from box
    We used to use 'Thomas' cat litter which was dusty and had to be changed a lot. Cats best was recommended to us by a cat breeder  it is easy to scoop from the box as the cats urine turns into golf / tennis ball sized waste. It is also very easy to dispose of it can  be flushed down the toilet or put on the compost heap..It can be left in the litter box for weeks and still look as fresh as the day it was first put in. It also does not stick to the sides or base of the litter box. And our cats like it.  Only bad point is it can be tracked by the cats walking away from the litter tray. I highly recommend it [​IMG].
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  6. irinasak
    "Best litter"
    Pros - no odour, doesn't get stuck, easy to dispose
    Cons - it tracks
    I love this litter! If there would be such a thing like 'litter enthusiasm', Cat's Best would nail it. I have tried silica, different clumping - from very expensive to very cheap, none of them managed to trap the odour like this litter does. And with three cats, there is a lot of odour that needs to be trapped. You can literally take deep breaths while cleaning the litterboxes and not die the next second  [​IMG]

    It absorbs moisture very well and it is so easy to dispose of, it is compostable and biodegradable, so it can be flushed or put onto the compost or into the garden waste bin. It doesn't get stuck on the bottom of the litterbox or on the scoop, so everything is really easy to clean.

    It has a soft texture, even if it kinda looks like wood. It leaves a little bit of dust, but not enough to mind it. If your cat/s has tummy issues or anything like that the litter doesn't get stuck to the poo so it is easy to inspect (and we need to do that as we have a cat that ate toy feathers and a hair band and another one that had fresh blood on her stool).

    It is not on the cheaper side, but it is worth it. There is such a big difference between this litter and any other litter I've tried when it comes to odour control.

    The only problem I have with this litter is that it tracks. A lot. However, it is really easy to sweep out. Another con for some is that it doesn't clump all that well if your cat is not good at covering, but still absorbs the moisture and the smell wonderfully and it is easy to scoop.