Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip, Jungle-Stripe Lounge

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Pros: Cats love it
Cons: Cats love chewing the edges and making mess.
I got it for Cally. Turns out the kitten has PICA because it was taken from it's mom to soon. PICA is a condition that developes at a very young age when weened to early. Cats chew a LOT. I ended up giving it to Smokey outside. She loves it. It is her scratch board now. She chews it a little.
Pros: Easy to carry, inexpensive
Cons: Not entirely sturdy, cats were not interested, creates a bit of a mess, does not appear to be of high quality
First off, I'll mention that this stretching post was given to me for free at my local pet shop thanks to a special that was going on.


-It was very lightweight, in a sense that it was easy to carry around and store. As said, it was free, so can't complain about that! For normal cost, it is not an expensive item, and easy to find.


-Flimsy. Would move or flip around if cats attempted to use it. The fact that it is lightweight could also be a con.
-It did come with catnip, but that sort of just left a bit of a mess, since the stuff would fall out.
-Cats barely bothered with it after. They continued on using wall corners, not even looking at this scratcher.
-Too small for a bigger sized cat.

-Definitely not water proof

The fact that it is cardboard might be a bit of an issue. Didn't seem that it was of high quality, nor that it would last. I would suspect it would create a mess of shredded cardboard. If your cat likes to chew or lick things, this might not sustain that. Nor be able to be close to anything else water related. The little use my cat had with it already made some cardboard mess.

Overall, I was not pleased with it.

Granted, that is personal experience and assumption. It could very possibly be a suitable scratcher for another kitty out there, who would genuinely enjoy it. It may be likable on account that it is quick and easy to get, and/or for the tighter budget. May also be used to a temporary replacement scratcher.