Catit Fresh & Clear Small Drinking Fountain

Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.
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Pros: Runs well, Kitty is attracted to it, Small, Does not splash
Cons: Simple design
This fountain is great. It was not expensive, works like a charm and best of all, kitty drinks from it very often because she is attracted to it. The fountain is small so it is placed very nicely in a corner and does not get in the way. It has not given me any trouble so far. I had heard that some of these fountains tend to splash a bit, this one doesn't because the water is propelled upward onto a dome and flows back down (of course kitty doesn't play with the water either, that plays a big part in the spill factor). Some may say it is a con, but the fountain makes a humming noise when the water gets a bit low. I think it's great because I tend to forget that she drinks from it every day and I need to refill it sometimes. 

The only con about it is that the design is a bit kiddish and would not match anything in a household, but all that matters is that it was not expensive and it works well!

To conclude this product, I would definitely recommend it.