Catit Fresh & Clear Small Drinking Fountain

Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp.

General Information

Encouraging your cat to drink more water helps prevent crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases. Because the body uses water continuously, your pet's supply of water must be constant. The Catit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain provides an indoor source of moving water that will encourage your pet to drink more. It provides the kind of clean, oxygenated water your pet is looking for, and needs. The Catit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain holds 64 fluid ounces, eliminating the need for daily refilling, and assuring your pet of a continuous supply of fresh, cool, clean water. Easy to clean and maintain its energy-efficient, low-voltage system (12 Volts) consumes less than 4 watts (less power than a night light). The Catit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain is also suitable for puppies and small dogs. Replacement filters for the Catit Design Fresh and Clear Drinking Fountain are sold separately.

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Pros: Runs well, Kitty is attracted to it, Small, Does not splash
Cons: Simple design
This fountain is great. It was not expensive, works like a charm and best of all, kitty drinks from it very often because she is attracted to it. The fountain is small so it is placed very nicely in a corner and does not get in the way. It has not given me any trouble so far. I had heard that some of these fountains tend to splash a bit, this one doesn't because the water is propelled upward onto a dome and flows back down (of course kitty doesn't play with the water either, that plays a big part in the spill factor). Some may say it is a con, but the fountain makes a humming noise when the water gets a bit low. I think it's great because I tend to forget that she drinks from it every day and I need to refill it sometimes. 

The only con about it is that the design is a bit kiddish and would not match anything in a household, but all that matters is that it was not expensive and it works well!

To conclude this product, I would definitely recommend it.


I got it at Walmart! it was on special for $25.00 instead of $29.00. Running water is really great for cats. They love it, and it's the best way to get them to drink often during the day. Just be careful! Most cats get curious and like to test the water with their paws if you know what I mean!