Catit Design Senses Fountain w/Filter

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5.00 star(s)
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Pros: Holds plenty of water; easy to clean
Cons: Can be slightly noisy
I saved up Fresh Step litter paw points, and voila, got the Catit water fountain, absolutely free. My Moki always wanted to drink from bathroom faucet, so he loved it right off. I found replacement round charcoal filters on ebay, very reasonable cost. My household only uses bottled water and I clean the fountain weekly.
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Pros: Cheap
Cons: Gets Slimy Real Quick
Noisy when running low
I do not recommend this product.

- It is cheap and works OK. This is the only positive thing about this product.

- It gets dirty and slimy real quick, and it is not easy to clean. After one week of use with a fresh filter and fresh water, the insides are just green and disgusting looking. This is enough reason not to buy, but here is even more:
- Every piece just snaps together, which may sound nice, but it means it is very easy for your cat to disassemble.
- It is fairly noisy, not too extreme, but when it is running low on water, it constantly makes a really loud sound that scares my cat.
- It holds 3L of water, but because of the design, but a lot of it is useless because the water level needs to be above the pump.
Pros: Easy to clean, quiet, aesthetically pleasing, large capacity
Cons: Not sure how well filter works
I purchased this fountain as I needed something my youngest kitty couldn't knock over, and was reasonably priced. This fit the bill, so I ordered it. I am glad I did! I really love this fountain. After staring at it for a while to figure out its threat level both of my kitties took to it pretty quickly, youngest took to it TOO much at first as she had a couple of times where she drank so much she got sick. This was her first experience with a fountain and the fascination at first caused her to drink way too much water too fast, but eventually she got over that! It is a very quiet fountain, I don't even hear it unless the water level gets low and it is extremely easy to clean. My past experience with fountains wasn't a good one, they always had corners and areas you couldn't get clean...not so with this one. It has 3 sections which are all very simple to take apart and give a good scrubbing. I even notice the motor doesn't get slimy in this fountain, not sure if the large quantity of water just keeps it fresh but I have had no issues with any pieces getting dirty. My only complaint is that the charcoal in the filter seems to bunch up and isn't spread evenly throughout the cartridge sections so I wonder if water is getting past it without being filtered since there are sections that are empty of charcoal/the water softening pellets. 
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Pros: Fairly good design, not too many nooks & crannies so relatively easy to clean
Cons: Material not durable, became permanently stained & dirty looking
I bought this fountain for my cats and they warmed up to it fairly quickly. I found the price a little hefty for a plastic fountain. The cats seemed to like the design, which lets them lick water off a dome as it runs over it. 

What I disliked about this was that there is only one filter for the water but no pre-filter for the pump. As a result, the pump got very dirty with hair & other debris quickly. The manual did not provide instructions for disassembling the pump in order to properly clean it. Also, the plastic degraded after about a year of use & was very dingy looking with white stains which would not go away with any amount of scrubbing.  There are also many parts to deal with when disassembling for cleaning, which can be a bit of a hassle.

I decided to upgrade to the Drinkwell Avalon pet fountain (the ceramic version) which has none of the above issues but was a bit over twice as much in cost to the Catit fountain. Worth it though!
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Pros: easy to clean, easy to disassemble, nice streaming sound attracts cats
Cons: easy to overfill
We got this because our last fountain stopped being able to pump water, and this one was on sale for a store that was closing (as it is, the regular price of something like $45 is still more affordable than lots of good fountains). Because it's a straight vertical fountain, there aren't any curves or weird spots that are difficult to clean like the ones with the swerving stream. It's nice and high so the cats don't have to lean down and touch their chins to the plastic, but the rim around the fountain stays dry. Because of the height, the cats can't drop food into it and other debris doesn't call in. It makes a nice streaming sound and attracts the cats.

The only downside is it uses a buoy, so if you try to top up the water too quickly, it doesn't react quickly enough and the fountain will leak out the hole for the wire leading to the filter. This is dangerous if you have it plugged in nearby, so to avoid a risk like this, use the good length of the plug!