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Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)

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  1. sargon
    "Okay for basic ideas, but the information is now out of date."
    Pros - some cool ideas; the intro and cocnepts are useful;
    Cons - can find simialr projects online; most "practical" projects involve the use of an Ikea Stolmen post, which Ikea Discontinued, so they are useless.
    I liked the book, and read it, noting a couple of cool projects involving an Ikea Stolemen, only to discover that Ikea discontinued it, making the coolest ideas in the book obsolete. it isn't the author's fault, but it does render the book a lot less useful.
  2. jessie gray
    "not practical for apartment dwellers"
    Pros - interesting ideas
    Cons - modifications too expensive and not practical
    I read Jackson Galaxy's Catification book and it didn't have anything practical for people who live in small apartments or who are on a low income, and trying to make their place more cat friendly. 
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  3. gailpj
    "More than I expected"
    This book makes so much sense! I got more out of it than I even expected and plan on making a Climbing Tube, which should be easy enough. I don't know if this book is positioned as a craft book, but it could be; it has great ideas for family projects, especially for families with young teens who, it goes without saying, love their cats. 
  4. molanic
    "Good pictures and basic ideas, a bit repetitive."
    Pros - Nice to see more stylish cat friendly decor.
    Cons - Not a whole lot you couldn't see online for free.
    I actually did not purchase this book, I got checked it out from the library as an e-book. I have seen bits and pieces of Jackson's tv show, and have not read his other book. In this book he goes over the cat's basic needs in the environment for their own stimulation and to prevent aggression in multiple cat households by reworking areas where cats will fight. This did make me rethink my own home since there are places where the cats will chase each other and one gets cornered... leading to a fight. Then the book goes over homes he and his team have worked on pointing out problem areas and solutions and showing before and after pictures. They have a handful of basic projects like making cat shelves. I would have liked some more variety or more challenging projects like I have seen online. The book is worth a look through once, but you can probably get as much inspiration from fellow cat lovers online. I haven't seen his tv show much, but I'm thinking a lot of what is covered in the book is probably also on the show anyways.
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