Cathole Chwm Pet Door For Cats With Removeable Brush

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Pros: Looks nice and can be painted / stained to match your decor / door
Cons: A bit expensive for what it is - requires the lower frame to be removed unless you modify like I did.
I bought a Cat-Hole from Amazon. The version I bought was described as being made of "furniture-grade Baltic birch". I interpreted that to be a solid piece of birch cut to form. The product I received is more like a nice piece of plywood and you can clearly see that it's multiple layers of wood glued together. Paint would hide that better than stain but my door is stained. It may be birch but it's made like plywood.

I mounted mine on a hollow core door so I raised it 2" from the bottom of the door to keep the frame intact and then I covered the exposed lower frame in a furniture pad (the kind that you can adhere to furniture legs to prevent them from scratching hardwood floors which can be bought in 4" x 6" pieces at the hardware store.) I feel leaving the frame intact is better for the door and the pad protects my cat's tummy from splinters. I think I am going to create a 2" lower frame / trim piece to really make the product look finished - like a picture frame instead of simply like a horseshoe - but you can see what it looks like upon installation with my mod below.

My cat took to it right away. It is way nicer than a plastic flap in a finished interior door but if you are handy and have a jigsaw, bevel tool and sheet rock screws, you could make the same exact product for about $10 which is why I think the product, as nice as it is, is over-priced for what you get (two wooden horseshoes with a really cool brush).. The brush is nice and it's great that the horseshoes can be painted or stained to match the door but when you realize what you get and think about what you paid... it's a bit disappointing. Don't get me wrong - I like the way it looks as a finished product but I'd like it a lot more for half the price and wish it were available at local pet stores for $20 as opposed to online for $30 + shipping .

Here is a picture of mine with the lower frame left intact.

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