CATCARE Heated Cat Bed

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General Information

The CATCARE Heated Cat Bed is a revolutionary cat sanctuary that your cat has been looking for. At CATCARE, the design concept is "a cat home should please the cat, not the owner". CATCARE uses graphene far-infrared technology to simulate the sun’s far-infrared rays. The "warmth" of far-infrared rays can activate animals’ cells, boost their metabolism and improve blood circulation. This warm and healthy cat home that conforms to the "CAT-LOGICAL HOME" design concept, your precious cat will have a healthy environment for living and playing, making it the best choice for cat owners.


18.5 Inches
15 Inches
11.2 Inches
2.4 Pounds
Dark Grey & Light Grey with Blue Trim
  • INFRARED HEATING TECHNOLOGY: The heated cat bed works using infrared heating technology. When infrared heating waves touch a surface, heat energy is released. The infrared heating technology in the cat cave bed works by transferring heat from the bed to your cat, penetrating through the skin and producing a warming effect from the inside out
  • OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE FOR CATS: The heated cat bed’s temperature will reach between 82-89 degrees but may not feel very warm to the human hand touch. For your kitty, that is the optimal temperature. Your cat will feel very warm when inside or near the cat cave
  • ENCLOSED SPACE PROVIDING SECURITY & PRIVACY: The heated cat bed is the perfect design with a semi-concealed entrance and exit, providing indoor cats a safe and warm space to sleep soundly
  • PORTABLE & SCRATCH-RESISTANT: Each component of the heated cat bed, including the graphene heating cushion, bed and cave roof are all separate and easily removable. You can easily unzip and fold each piece for stress-free storage. Furthermore, the cat cave is made of felt, a scratch-resistant material, freeing you from the worry of damaged furniture
  • WASHABLE, ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY& CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Simply remove the graphene heating pad and hand wash the whole cat cave. Do not machine wash. We provide 24/7 dedicated customer support. Please contact us when you have any issue with this heated cat bed