Cat Vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat

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Pros: Detailed, descriptive and very helpful problem solving tips
Cons: None
This great book from a world-renowned cat behaviorist, helped me to understand  my cats problematic behavior, and what to do about it, when things get out of hand.  

Johnson-Bennett explains in clear detail, the subtle interactions, turf-wars, and dominance conflicts found in some of the 2+ cat household.. She offering effective, easy to understand solutions for these issues, which, when  ignored, can often result in scratching, marking,  out of the box elimination, etc.  

To us, they are lazy, fun furballs who always come for dinner and sometimes let us pet them.  After reading this book I realize that these kitties languishing on their trees in my house,  are often involved in intricate power struggles and  intense conflict,  which can end up in inappropriate elimination, clawing and other things. 

Before I read this book, I saw the problems in my house, but didn't have any understanding of the events leading up to them, because I really didn't understand my cats from a 'cat's eye view."   In addition to hanging out with the humans, they also live  in their own little world, with each other and if we don't 'get ' what they are going thru, we can't help them to be happy and live in harmony with one another.   

Great book, a good buy at  about $15.
Pros: Reasonable, clear advice in a friendly tone
Cons: Occasionally makes problem-solving sound TOO simple
I absolutely love this author!  Every cat owner should read her books.  She is an experienced cat behaviorist who knows how to talk to people.  Her advice is clear and usually to-the-point, not preachy.  This particular book is great for simple two-cat households, but the advice can be adapted to multi-cat households as well. 

My only complaint about many of the cat problem-solving books is that the authors can make the problems seem almost trivial, and that the owners should have NO trouble solving every thing that comes along.  We all know no single solution fits every cat.  Whenever someone wonders why a certain expert's advice didn't work, I just tell them it's because the cat didn't read the book!