Cat Mate Pet Fountain

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5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Easy to clean and quiet.
Cons: Zero!
My cats like drinking on the top level. Especially my old cat since she cannot always bend her head. It does make a slight noise when it needs to be filled which is very handy because I forget. It is light weight and easy to fill. Cleaning is a snap.
Pros: Haven't met a cat yet that doesn't like it
Cons: Need to buy filters...theoretically :- )
I've tried a number of fountains with cats who had stopped drinking, or had adopted the habit of drinking from water taps, which is high maintenance.

This is the first one that the cats enjoy.  It takes some effort, but very little.  The cleaning is simple and it's quiet.  You do need to plug the thing in, so you need to be close to a plug.

The drawback is the filters.  I've been extending the life of each filter by rinsing them, and only discarding them when they seem quite ragged.  They're also not recyclable, which I don't like.  (Online, there were a few people who recommended alternatives to the filters, so you can search for those.)

But, after having this fountain a few years, I do highly recommend it, since it solved a long-standing problem for me and the furred ones.  
Pros: Quiet, multiple levels, adjustable water flow, has filter, sturdy
Cons: None
In a nutshell, I love my CatMate fountain, which was a gift from my brother, who's neurotic about researching stuff. Set up was...well, there really isn't any. The pump clips to the top in a rather obvious was, you insert the filter in the bottom (everything is curved so you can't put it in backwards). The top part affixes to the bottom in a way that is also obvious. The cord is in two pieces, which might be normal for fountains, but it put me at ease that I could get shocked, or the cat.

Everything is sturdy. It's plastic but it's lightweight and easy to pull apart and clean. Robin no longer whines to drink out of the sink, and it's great fun to see him drink from all 3 levels, one after another.

Oh--and this thing makes no noise that I can hear. Like, none. It's great!!!