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Cat in the Dark: A Joe Grey Mystery (Joe Grey Mystery Series)

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  1. tallyollyopia
    "Speaking cats Joe Grey and Dulcie meet another speaking cat--and this one's evil."
    Pros - I like the way it shows that not all speaking cats are like the main characters.
    Cons - I thought that parts of the narrative ran on just a little bit.
    Joe Grey and Dulcie are not only speaking cats, but they take it upon themselves to help the police solve crimes that are happening in their neighborhood (the entire city of Molena Point, CA). One night as they were patrolling they came upon a cat slipping into a store to help a man break in and rob the place. Terrified that this would lead to their unmasking as speaking cats, they meet with, and talk to, the newcomer--who is also a speaking cat. The black tomcat came from an exotic jungle--and predicted that death would soon strike the village. True to the cat's prediction, three people turn up dead--leaving it up to the cats to unmask the killer and the reason behind the murders.

    The black cat, Azrael, is a smooth-talking evil creature--and is a direct feline contrast to the main cats, Joe Gray and Dulcie. Well written with a plot that had me guessing up until the final reveal, this is a book I highly recommend to mystery lovers who also happen to be cat lovers.
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