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Cat Dancer Original

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  1. huskerruth
    "My cats go nuts for this"
    Purchase Date:
    May 1, 2019
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Good exercise for the cats
    Cons - none
    My cats go nuts when they see me take this toy out. Two of them do acrobatics trying to catch the end of the toy. You can wave it over their heads, pull it along the floor, etc. This is the one toy that they consistently like to play with. I can get my 3 cats to all play together by using it.
  2. Kat0121
    "Not interested"
    Pros - Inexpensive
    Cons - They had no interest in it
    I bought this because of the positive reviews everywhere and we were waiting for the butterflies to come for their other toy. They had NO interest in this whatsoever. Lily even glared at me when I showed it to her. It's little tubes of cardboard on the end of a long metal wire. I doubt I would be impressed with it either if I were a cat. 
  3. sargon
    "a unique "wand" type toy that cats love, and oen fo the best bargaisn in cat toys."
    Pros - cats enjoy it; has a different type of movement than other wand type toys, so it is a great chane fo apce or cats.
    Cons - they do wear out over time
    These are very inexpensive and really fun cat toys that simulates an insect (as opposed to birds or mice), and is a staple cat toy that, IMO,  every cat owner should try.  Additionally, they make a second model that has an adhesive mount that lets you stick it on a door, so that your cat can play with it on her own. I recommend that version, as well.
  4. jessie gray
    "simple, yet fun for kitty"
    Purchase Date:
    Aug 26, 2010
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - fun movements, simple design, inexpensive
    Cons - can't leave kitty alone with toy, or it will get damaged faster
    My 2 cats love the Cat Dancer! Its such a simple tool: a wire and twisted papers.  No catnip or anything like that.  My cats love when I get out their Cat Dancer and wave it in front of them for them to bat about, or when I wiggle it on the ground to act as ground prey.  We have used this toy for several years, and its so inexpensive that if the paper twisties get worn, we can easily get another one. 

    One thing that I did find is that you do have to keep this put up if you are not going to play with your cat, because otherwise your cat will destroy the paper twisties and it can cause the metal wire to stick out and hurt a cat.  Otherwise, the Cat Dancer is a wonderful toy for kittens and cats.
  5. pinkdagger
    "The simplest, most engaging toy"
    Pros - very engaging, gets cats really moving
    Cons - the simplicity/composition is kind of dangerous
    So I'll start off with: Kismet loves this. She goes berserk. There are only a few toys she gets panting for, and this is one of them. It's really easy to use and when you take it out of the package, it's so simple. Literally a wire with some paper rolled up and skewered onto it, and one on the end to keep your hand safe from the wire. It's bouncy and springy, so it really is a lot of fun to chase and really easy for people to maneuver and move around. It's really cheap too, but the downside with that is the materials aren't the most durable either. I have to hide this when we're not playing or Kismet will chew the paper rolls off, and then all I'll have is a wire. Also, don't get too overzealous with it. You can hear the sound of the wire whipping through the air, and it's a fairly thick and heavy wire, so if you hit yourself - or worse, your cat with it, it is absolutely going to hurt.

    And it got her panting!

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