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The multi-level perch lookout features 3 levels of fun for your cat and 6 natural sisal rope scratching posts with a hanging pom-pom. Approx. 16''L x 16''W x 46.6''H- machine-wound sisal posts for long lasting wear- hanging toy to keep kitty busy- 3 carpeted perches- sturdy wide base- constructed of polyester and acrylic materials- easy no-tools assembly

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Pros: Affordable, good for small spaces
Cons: not for large cats, thin 'carpet'
This is by no means a perfect cat tree but if you are on a budget or have limited space, or just want to see if your cat or kitten will like cat tree type of thing, than it's great place to start. Those were my reasons for purchasing this cat tree at Walmart.

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The top perch is about 13''x13'', has soft padding and my 9.5lb cat can and does curls up and sleeps there during the day . It took him a bit of time to figure out how to get to the top and even longer to become comfortable with it. At first he was really unsure. I believe the thin carpet could have been the issue, it looks more like short fake fur rather than real carpet and that type of material doesn't provide much traction for kitty claws unless they are pretty long and sharp. 

As you can see on the picture top level doesn't align with the base of the tree, so when you move it against the wall only that perch will be touching the wall, not the base. Without wall support from one or two sides it would be very unsteady. The way it's set up in my house proved to be safe for the kitty even when he catches midnight crazies and climbs the tree like a monkey.

Mr. Kitty also likes to scratch that front sisal post which allows him to stretch out fully (it's about 28'' from base to second perch) and he also likes to sit on the first perch and paw and swat at little mousies I put on the second perch. During kitty crazies he climbs the posts just by 'hugging' them with all fours and swats at the pom-pom toy. 

So far Mr. Kitty has been enjoying this tree for over a month and nothing came apart yet :)


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