Cat & Clean de Luxe

Cat & Clean

General Information

Clumping cat litter, made from bentonite clay, with a light vanilla fragrance when damp. Available in Europe.

Latest reviews

Pros: Absorbent, economical, low in dust, good odor control, little tracking, solid clumps
Cons: Scented, but not overly so
This litter is a very fine, white, low-dust bentonite clumping litter which is quite economical and forms firm clumps which are easy to scoop. The granules are so small that it's easy to sift out the feces without disposing of a great deal of litter with them. It has excellent odor control and doesn't track easily. The vanilla scent is faint and noticeable only when the litter is wet, unless you have a receptacle like a LitterLocker full of clumps. Even then it's not overpowering or unpleasant.


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