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Cat Charmer

3.00 star(s)
3.00 star(s)
Pros: Cats love chasing it!
Cons: Fabric can be easily eaten
When I got this for Charlie, he loved it! I ran around the house, dragging the Cat Dancer, and he sprinted after me, leaping through the air and twisting to catch the long tail of fabric. The problem is that the fabric can be easily chewed and swallowed by a cat.
5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: Interactive and appeals to all cats
Cons: (none)
The Cat Charmer is a MUST for any cat caregiver! I bought one of these years ago and it is still like new, but when I bring it out, I see the cats come out! They love interactive toys because we are playing together, and the "wand" type toys are their favorites. Young, middle-aged or older, ALL cats in our family love this toy. It's brightly colored, soft, affordable -- what more could any cat family want? *I do not remember the purchase price, but since only a dollar value is accepted, I entered the price above. It may or may not be accurate.
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Pros: Fun to play with, colorful, and great movement
Cons: May break.
I love playing with this toy at my animal shelter. Almost every cat, even seniors, love playing with it and batting it around. I would wave it in front of a cat, and within seconds, they go after it. It can break off after overuse, but I usually tie the string back on. A great toy overall! 
I adopted my cat about five weeks ago, and she didn't seem really into toys. The only one she played with a lot was one of the dangling Kong toys I got her, and she ended up chewing through the string on that. So, I bought this, knowing that she really likes to pounce at things that move. I knew she'd like it, but the difference in her playtime is amazing! She goes absolutely nuts over this, and as I just got surgery, it's a very easy way for me to have interactive playtime with her without exerting much effort! I've noticed that she is more curious and playful with other items around the house, too, since I bought her this last week. Highly recommended!
Pros: Easy to chase, interactive, good way to exercise, sturdy
Cons: Chewable, possibility of tearing
This is the most simple of ideas but wow, it really gets our two cats going wild.  Even our senior cat, at nearly 16 years old, will chase this around. It has a kind of snakey way of moving which gets their prey drive going.  I haven't seen him enjoy a toy much at all in ages so this is a big deal!  He will wrestle, grab, chew and jump at it like he was half his age.  Best toy yet. Very sturdy too.  

Remember this is an interactive toy - one shouldn't just let the cat drag it around on it's own.  I'd periodically look at the ribbon to be sure it hasn't gotten torn up.  I do this with all wand type toys anyway, nothing lasts forever, so I'm not overly concerned about choking, but one never knows.
Pros: fun, easy to use, long string
My cats all love this toy. It really gets them moving. It also hold up really well. After having one for a couple years (of pouncing, biting, clawing, pulling), I got a new one. And I realized the old one hadn't stretched out or tattered at all. It's a simple, well build cat toy.
Pros: Lots of different action, cats love it
Cons: Reports of cats getting blocked after eating parts of it
Chula and Paul love this toy.  It's fun to use as you can drag it along the floor or whip it back and forth. It's actually very pretty and makes some mesmerizing patterns.   Paul especially likes to catch it and make off with it.  Before ordering it, I read reviews from cat owners who reported their cats had required surgery after eating it so I have never left Paul and Chula unsupervised with this toy. 
Pros: Cats love it, I love it
Cons: None
This was one of the stocking stuffers in my kitties' Christmas stocking. It works similar to the fishbone on a string I got them for Christmas last year, but with the added bonus that I don't live in fear of smacking them in the head with the fishbone!

All of my kitties love this. Not many I can say that Maple likes but even she took a bit of an interest! Sara like it a lot, but she only likes to play for a little while. My 3-year-old and 7-month-olds though... omg! They could go for HOURS with that thing. I only wish I could go on for hours with it! My arm gets tired lol.

It's so much fun watching my kitties get some major airtime while playing with this. Especially Oscar, omg, does that little guy get some height! He's actually the one one the left in this pic. His brother Oliver (the one on the right) doesn't do so shabby himself!

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Pros: Easy toy and cats go crazy for it .
I sit on the floor and grab this toy and my cats come running . They love chasing this thing ..
Pros: Sturdy, durable, good length
Cons: None so far
As a wand-loving cat, Jed goes bonkers when I bring this out. It's almost like someone flicked the "Insane Mode" switch inside him somewhere. His pupils dilate like crazy, he goes into pounce mode and when you look at his eyes you're staring into a bottomless abyss of ebony orbs.

The toy itself comes with a plastic rod and a fleece-like material attached to it. The one I have is red-and-green, as it comes with various colors. The attachment is very sturdy; my cat plays rough, and when he catches his prey, he rarely lets it go. Sometimes he'll just plop his entire body on the "prey". Other times he'll play tug-of-war with me. Despite all that, the attachment is still on the rod, as tight as it was on the first day. It is light enough to control with a flick of the wrist -- which helps when you want to simulate prey movement. He sometimes chew on the rod too, and it's still going strong. 

One of the things I like to do with this one is to "wrap" it around his body like a snake. This instantly turns my cat into "Contortionist Mode", where he performs amazing acts of bending his body into scarily unnatural shapes in order to get at the snake. Some hissing may follow. You have been warned.
Pros: Keeps attention
Cons: Strong arms needed
My cats love this toy.It gets and keeps their attention.After awhile they start to grab it and hang on and attempt to swing from the thing!That when I give up and let them have it stick and all.good toy!
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: lightweight, brightly colored, loved by my senior cat
Cons: haven't found any
The Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Cat Wand Toy is a simple yet great toy. soft plush and brightly colored fabric is securely attached to the wand.

my senior cat absolutely loves this Cat Charmer Wand Toy! i bring this wand toy out and start making the fabric "ribbon" ripple in the air, and she's chasing it and trying to grab it. there are so many different and interesting (to cats) ways to make the fabric "ribbon" move, and the fabric "ribbon" can be dragged or rippled across the floor (or furniture)  for variety too.

we've had this wand toy for coming up on a full year now, and it's holding up just fine to my female cats play sessions with it.

i feel the price is reasonable, and the value is very good because the Cat Charmer Cat Wand Toy has held up so well.
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Pros: Sturdier than other similar toys, long fleece part keeps humans safer from errant pounces
Cons: The fleece pilled and frayed a little bit after 2 months, takes more effort to swing around or drag around the house
I bought this about two months ago around Thanksgiving, and it is still intact, somehow. My cats do love to play with it, though I have to vary the methods I wave or drag it around to keep them interested since they both have very short attention spans or tend to go into "hide n' stalk" mode. I will admit that I was skeptical about the fleece not falling apart, but so far it has stood up to my cats' fangs and claws. The both of them usually break and rip apart most toys very easily, especially my female cat who plays like a dog due to being raised with dogs at her previous home. It stretches when they pull on it, and the stick bends rather than snaps. The fleece has pilled or frayed a little bit from them grabbing it with claws out, but it is still in one piece and does not look like it's going to tear apart any time soon. I do like the length of the fleece, since it keeps my hands and arms further away from getting pounced on by a strong, overenthusiastic cat. As a result, the Cat Charmer does require more movement or height to keep it afloat in the air, and I almost have to jog to keep them from catching it too soon when dragging it around the house for them to chase.
3.00 star(s)
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Pros: They are fascinated by the movement, and it is fairly cheap.
Cons: Doesn't take long to chew off pieces and eat it.
I got one of these when my cats were kittens. They did love it chasing it, but quickly switched to grabbing it and not letting go. It doesn't take much saliva and chewing to make it tear easily. One got a 3" section off and eaten during supervised play, but luckily threw it up later. My cats seem particularly bad with this type of thing though. They can eat the drawstrings off hooded sweatshirts in under a minute. I have to be very careful to keep all these types of things out of reach now. This toy is definitely for supervised play only and must be put away somewhere secure, but it can be a lot of fun.
4.00 star(s)
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Pros: Easy to use, long fleace strip moves and flicks really well to tease your cat and encourages stalking behaviour.
Cons: Be prepared to play for a long time! Beware cats chewing the fleace if you leave it lying around unsupervised.
Mouse loved this cat charmer toy the minute I took it out of the packaging.  Initially he ran himself ragged and flew through the air catching it so enthusiastically he was laying on the floor panting before he was finished.  The initial enthusiasm died off a bit but only because he seemed to learn quickly that he could sit and wait, and stalk slowly once he figured out how it was moving.  The result is me sitting waving and twitching the rod for what feels like ages and Mouse crouching down behind tables and chairs thinking I can't see where he is while he watches the fleece move about.  My arm gets tired and he uses a few calories from twitching his rear end a bit but it's still fun because he looks so funny when he thinks he's hiding and waiting to pounce.

I keep if safely stashed under the sofa beyond paws' reach as Mouse has a tendency to chew things and I'd hate to go in to the sitting room one day and find the fleece section significantly shorter than it had been before.

I've had it for a couple of years now and Mouse remains interested whenever this toy comes out, and it has lasted very well given the amount of play it's been subjected to.  The rod is strong and pliable, and the fleece just wide and thick enough not to tangle too much of have sections easily bitten off during play without loosing any of the desired effects moving it about.  Other similar toys I've had ended up tangled and the end of the fleece getting bitten and chewed off so it stopped moving well.  

I marked down for value as I bought a long time ago and it cost me about £5 which was very expensive at the time.  Has come down a lot in price which is good.
Pros: Hours of entertainment
Cons: Breaks easily
My kitten adores this! She will chase it around for hours if I let her! she loves chasing it and catching it, sometimes she will even seek it out and play with it by herself! I suggest buying one or 3 since they tend to break easily. After many hours of play the "wand" its on tends to break. At least Ziggy has broken 5, but I keep going out and buying her more since she loves them so much. We recommend buying at least one to try out.