Capstar Dogs & Cats Blue Flea Treatment

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Novartis Animal Health
Pros: Fleas literally drop dead within minutes of use
Cons: does not deal with eggs-only lasts 24 hours thats it.
Pill form Capstar is recommended for immediate care.  You can place your cat in bathtub and watch the fleas drop off, Immediate results. Great for traveling anytime emergency flea care is needed. Purchased only at vet clinic.
Pros: Works quickly, Does the job it is meant to do, gives the cat relief until topical kicks in
Cons: Not meant to replace a topical, only kills live fleas, not eggs or larve
I purchased this from the vet when I brought fleas in from outside.  It worked great and immediately. It is a pill form, so you have to be comfortable pilling your cat. I kept my cats quarantined in a bathroom while I was using it.  I applied a topical flea treatment, but did not want fleas on the cats or in the house until the topical kicked in. It is a great product to go to if you suddenly find fleas. Lesson learned to keep a topical on all cats at all times.