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Pros: easy to use
Cons: ingredients don't help oral health
I have tried just about everything on the market as my one little girl has really bad teeth. Super red inflamed gums & yellowish brown teeth. Since this brand is sold at the vets office, I thought I would give it a try. My first concern was reading the ingredients, the FIRST ingredient is Sorbitol. Do you know what that is? It's a form of SUGAR. Why does toothpaste need to be sweet, especially for a cat with bad teeth. Next up Hydrated silica, do you know what that does? Over time it wears down tooth enamel, that's why teeth turn yellow & get stained. Next up, Dextrose. SUGAR, more sugar.

These are my reasons not to use any of the products. I've tried malt, poultry, beef, & seafood. The cats didn't mind the flavors, just the brush in their tiny little mouth.
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Pros: Kitty love the flavor, great for introducing toothbrushing, helps with 'kitty breath'
Before getting a C.E.T. oral care kit for cats I did try a different brand first, since I was so eager to start training my cat to accept toothbrushing. It was a total failure, regular dental care lits that are usually marked for 'dogs&cats' you get at big box pet store tasted awful judging by the upset howls my cat produced and those toothbrushes are humongous for kitty's mouth unless you got a mountain lion on your hands.

I decided to research and find something that will at least work if not please my kitty. C,E.T. seemed to be the only brand making toothbrushes suitable for cats, I'm talking about the one that came with the kit, it's short and round, simply perfect for cat's tiny mouth which he/she won't hold open for you :) And the small handle makes it easy to maneuver. So overall, you have great control over the brushing process with that tiny brush.

The toothpaste turned out to be the key to getting my cat to tolerate, than accept, and later even love toothbrushing. I tried seafood flavor first, it looks like a semi-clear gel, doesn't really have much of a smell to human nose but kitty goes crazy for it like it's the best thing in the whole wide world. Next i tried poultry flavored one which is light beige creamy paste. Kitty approved it as well. I offer a bit of toothpaste on the brush to my cat, let him lick almost all of it off and brush one side with just a little toothpaste still on the brush. Offer some more toothpaste and brush the other side. And to reward kitty for sitting still and letting me mess with his mouth for, oh, 30 seconds, i give him a bit more toothpaste to lick from my finger. Kitty's teeth look good and breath smells much better. He purrs during toothbrushing and seems to enjoy it quite a bit.
Pros: Seems to work better than what we used before
After using a basic kit with toothbrush and toothpaste, we eventually decided to switch over to this toothpaste instead. I have been really impressed with the way that this toothbrush cleans our cats' teeth. The kitten, it is hard to tell whether the toothpaste is helping much or not since her teeth are pearly white still. For the three year old cat some of the built up gunk on his teeth seems lessened because of this toothpaste. It has definitely made it so his teeth look better which is all that I can ask for.
Pros: Works great .
My cats will not let me brush their teeth but they will lick the toothpaste so it works great for breath at least ..
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3.00 star(s)
Pros: Freshens breath, my cat seems to like the flavor.
Cons: A little expensive for the amount you get.
First of all, my cat seems to really like the flavor of C.E.T. poultry flavored toothpaste.  He always seems happy to eat it when I offer it to him, like it's a tasty treat.  If you're cat doesn't like tooth brushing time due to the flavor of the toothpaste, you may want to try C.E.T. 

As for it's cleaning power, I can't say that I've noticed any removal of built up tartar, however, that's not what it's for.  Supposedly it's preventing more tartar, and I can't say that it's not.  I can say that after brushing with the C.E.T. toothpaste, my cat's breath smells fresher, which is great.

It's the only toothpaste that I've tried for my cat, so I haven't had experience with any other, but it seems to do what it's intended for.