C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats - Various Flavors

I have only given these once or twice so not sure if there is any advantage in feeding them yet but the cats really enjoy them .

They like to play with them for a couple minutes before eating them ,  crazy cats ..
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Pros: Controls plaque AND tartar, big size forces chewing, healthy ingredients, majority of cats like it.
Cons: Kind of pricey at about 50 cents cat/day but the benefits are worth it.
I`ve been using these for 2 years and all 3 of my cats love it.   It comes in 2 flavors and 2 sizes:  chicken or fish and 30 or 96 count bags.   My cats like both flavors equally well.  These look like little logs about an inch long and 1/2 inch wide.   This big size forces a cat to actually chew the thing which is of course the goal.  It amazes me that many so-called dental treats (Feline Greenies come to mind) are so small that they are simply swallowed whole and rarely chewed...I just don`t get it.   Anyway these have a dual-action - the texture of the logs are abrasive when chewed to clean the teeth and also there is an enzyme included that kills plaque forming bacteria.    My one cat had an issue opening her mouth wide enough to easily chow down on it but she would happily spend 10 minutes or so working on it until she finally finished it off.   

Some people get discouraged if their cat doesn`t take to it right away.   I found that tossing it and having them go fetch it brings out their hunting instinct and they will naturally start attacking it and chewing it.   Be patient.   Try giving it each day - if they don`t go for it day one they might on day 3.   I find once they do try it they are essentially hooked.   I have never had a cat refuse one once they tried it.

IMPORTANT - For some reason some people think the thin outer wrapper of the log is supposed to be removed before feeding it.   Wrong... this helps clean the teeth when the cat bites through it - so don`t remove it.   Just take one out of the bag and toss it to Fluffy.

I took off 1/2 star only because of the price.  It works out to about 50 cents a piece which is much higher than the other dental treats but truthfully the higher price is justified if these will save expensive vet treatments down the road.