Bravo Bonus Bites Freeze Dried Treats - Various

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Bravo, LLC
Pros: No carbs--just meat, cat LOVES
Cons: None
I can't recommend these enough.

As part of a prize package here at TCS, I won 2 bags of the Bravo Chicken medley freeze dried treats. At first my VERY picky cat sniffed and walked away. Which made no sense, since he LIVES for chicken! So I popped a piece in his mouth, and it was like watching a light bulb go off. Robin immediately forgot he was mad at me, and begged for more. Now I use these treats to reward him for nose or eye drops, or just as a special way to tell him how special he is to me. I shake that bag and he comes running!!! I can't wait to buy the all white meat treats, although the medley has gizzards, and I think those have extra nutrition in them.