Bozita Chunks in Jelly

Pros: All meat, no nasties
Cons: Multiple protein sources, so not suitable for allergies. Also, no English on the packaging!
This is one of a range of foods I bought in desperation after Shadow randomly decided he wanted nothing to do with cat food! (probably due to the chf greyhound living off fresh cooked chicken :rolleyes: ) I was hesitant, as Asha is sensitive to beef, but decided to give it a try. Instant hit with both cats :jaw: The beef content is low enough not to upset Asha's tummy, and Shadow is besotted with the stuff :woo: - he's refusing to eat anything else!

It's fantastic value too, so a wonderful budget option, and comes in a huge variety of flavors. I love that all the meats are named and their percentages are listed. I have nothing bad to sat about this food :bigthumb: