Bozita Chunks in Gravy

Pros: High meat content with no nasties, economical food.
Cons: All flavours are mixed proteins.
This was the first sort of Bozita I tried out (see my Bozita in jelly review for story). Both cats went crazy for it - Shadow was actually purring the whole time he was eating :9: I love that it's a gravy food that contains NO grains or other thickeners, and I love the price too. The only fail I've had is the Reindeer variety, but that IS a bit out there for my two :lol3: Having said that, Asha will eat it with toppers, so it's not a total waste.

The only downside is that all flavours are mixed proteins - this is the reason I didn't try it sooner (Asha's sensitive tummy), but I needn't have worried. This will definitely be in my rotation from now on...I think Shadow would mutiny if I tried to remove it :lol3: