Bozita Chunks in Gravy


General Information

Bozita Chunks in Gravy complete wet cat food is made using premium ingredients such as Swedish beef, pork, chicken and fish and the juicy chunks contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs to stay healthy.

Latest reviews

Pros: High meat content with no nasties, economical food.
Cons: All flavours are mixed proteins.
This was the first sort of Bozita I tried out (see my Bozita in jelly review for story). Both cats went crazy for it - Shadow was actually purring the whole time he was eating :9: I love that it's a gravy food that contains NO grains or other thickeners, and I love the price too. The only fail I've had is the Reindeer variety, but that IS a bit out there for my two :lol3: Having said that, Asha will eat it with toppers, so it's not a total waste.

The only downside is that all flavours are mixed proteins - this is the reason I didn't try it sooner (Asha's sensitive tummy), but I needn't have worried. This will definitely be in my rotation from now on...I think Shadow would mutiny if I tried to remove it :lol3:


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