Blue Buffalo Wilderness Soft-Moist Grain-Free Cat Treats - All flavors

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Pros: Buddy likes them, they're supposed to be a healthy alternative snack
Cons: Overpriced
These moist treats sell for $5 to $7 in local pet stores, and the bags are relatively tiny compared to other cat treats that are less expensive. As with anything Blue Buffalo, the ingredients list is impressive, and it's supposed to be a healthier option compared to other treats. (And there are a LOT of junk-food treats out there.)

Where I think these treats have more value is as toppers for regular meals. This was recommended to me by another TCS member when my cat was starting to lose interest in his wet food, and crumbling a few of these on top of a regular meal can jump-start your cat's appetite.
Pros: Readily available
Cons: Cats didn't really like them
I bought 2 bags of these using Amazon's subscribe and save so I got a pretty good deal. My cats didn't like them at all so I added the unopened bag to the box of Christmas goodies for the shelter cats and took the opened bag to share with them when I went to visit. They were not a big hit there either. Some of the cats ate them but a lot of them just left them. I will not be buying these again. Another dud from Blue in our house.