Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Cat Food

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Blue Buffalo
  1. Miss_Molly1995
    "Cats love it."
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    Sep 2, 2017
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    Pros - Cats love it, grain free, helps with farting issues
    Cons - None
    My Owen who was about 8 months when I got his for him is super picky. He only seemed to like unhealthy foods that made him fart. I finally picked this up in the chicken kind of kittens. He loves chicken isn’t a fan of fish. He likes it, and since he has been on this his farting problems went away. I changed his food due to my new kitten. I tried another Blue Buffalo food that had grains in it. I wanted something with lots of nutrition. Sure enough that food made her have runny BMs and he started farting again. Switched them both to this again and the issues are going away. I recommend this food to anyone who has picky cats or cats with sensitive tummy’s. It works well.
  2. plan
    "My cat's favorite dry food"
    Pros - My cat likes the taste, it's healthy, and it's a lot better nutritionally than what I can find in grocery stores
    Cons - It's a bit more expensive than regular brands
    This is my cat's favorite dry food. I first fed it to him when he was a baby, right after I'd adopted him and realized he wasn't in the best of health. He went from loose stools to healthy stools within a week, and his fur looked a lot better. I suspect he wasn't getting enough food, or the right kind of food, before I adopted him. What I do know is that he responded really well to a diet that included BB Wilderness dry food supplementing nutritious canned food, grew to become a healthy adult, and still likes it now.
  3. 2cats4me
    "Good product"
    Pros - High protein , grain free , no by products ..
    Cons - Expensive , cats do not care for it ..
    My cats  do not care for it ..
  4. freaknpink
    "Good quality food"
    Purchase Date:
    May 10, 2012
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    Pros - Affordable, Gluten-free
    Cons - Not the highest protein food, Has potato starch as 3rd ing.
    I have two cats a 1yr old and a 5mo old and they both love this food, the duck seems to be the kind they love most.

    Zelda my oldest had problems keeping the wildeness food down for a few months I think due to being a dumpster diving stray and adjusting to the high protein and partly to inhaling it in fear it would vanish. After a few months they have coats of silk and keep me up all night. lol

    I will stick with this food unless something better comes along.