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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Canned Cat Food

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Blue Buffalo
  1. tarasgirl06
    Pros - I believe these to be very good quality foods; my cats love them and are very healthy. The varieties are interesting to them and they finish all of what is served.
    We love these foods! I buy several varieties including the trout, salmon, chicken for seniors, turkey, and Red Meat Feast which is a mixed grill. My three senior cats, ages 10, 13, and 14, all love these, finish every bit when I serve them, and thrive on them, plus other foods of this and other brands.
  2. Ladysnuggable
    "Their Favorite."
    Pros - Good choice variety, come in different sized cans, good quality.
    Cons - can be expensive.
    My kittens really love this food. They do have a preference to wet food over dry and this is one of their favorites. Their favorite flavor is the chicken. I love this product for them because it is high quality and comes in larger can which are great for multiple cats and make it a little cheaper. They all know when its time they see the can and surround me before I even open it.
  3. zylaai
    "Not as good as people make it out to be..."
    Pros - Easy to find, Comes in many different varieties and flavors
    Cons - May be a little pricey to some, Questionable lawsuits and some bad ingredients
    Blue Buffalo Wilderness was the first wet cat food I changed my cat to after dumping kibble. I felt like I was giving him a good quality food, and he seemed to really enjoy it. 

    I personally could afford it every week, and my cat licked the bowl clean on some nights. However, one thing that turns me off about this food is the amount of lawsuits it has had in the past regarding their ingredients.. and breaking their 'True Blue' promise, that's conveniently slapped on every Blue Buffalo product.
    - Dec 2014 Lawsuit

    - May 2015 Lawsuit

    These conflicts is why I removed Blue Buffalo Wilderness from my kitty's diet. I would not advise using this as a main course meal for your cats for the reasons listed below, and the questionable lawsuits above. However, it may be a suitable choice for a rotational diet for your cat. 
    Keep in mind that Blue Buffalo's canned products contain  potato starch; an unhealthy filler for cats. Additionally, some of their canned goods contain carrageenan, a known toxic hazard to felines. Carrageenan has been studied, and multiple experiments have proved that it can cause gastrointestinal problems, such as ulcers and possibly cancer. [Source]  I love my cat, and I personally would not take that risk. .. Guar gum can also cause gastrointestinal problems. You can read more about the cons of guar gum here.

    My final word would be that Blue Buffalo is obviously above average when it comes to the quality within the cat food industry. I'd take Blue Buffalo Wilderness over any canned Meow Mix product, or dry kibble. However, if you are picky and want the absolute best for your cat, Blue Buffalo Wilderness may not be the choice for you.
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  4. mainecoonmama12
    "They love it"
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 7, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Many flavors
    Cons - It's a little pricey
    When we first got our kitten, he was so skinny, and wouldn't touch any of the food we had for him, so we had to buy him new food, we tried Whiskas, which he inhaled, but it wasn't good quality, so we decided to to upgrade to Blue Buffalo wilderness for Kittens, especially because PetSmart gave us a free can. Initially, he was unsure of the food, because it wasn't what he was used to, but he quickly got the hang of it, and he just loved that food. It also helped hi bulk up, especially because he's such a large breed. When we got our next fuzzy, she wasn't used to high quality food, as well as getting it everyday, so she loves it. We love it because PetSmart always seems to have  sale on the cans, and we can buy 1 weeks worth of cans for 2 cats for $20. That may seem a lot, but I used to be spending much more, considering he just burned through the lower quality food. I definitely recommend this to everyone. 
  5. kat0121
    "It ended up in the trash"
    Pros - Widely available
    Cons - Cats would not touch it
    My cats are all on a canned only diet. I try to keep the rotation varied to keep them from getting bored with any one food. In my quest to find a rotation that all 3 would like, i tried the Blue Buffalo Wilderness. They wouldn't even try it. They sniffed it a few times and promptly left the table. Normally if they are being fussy, a topper helps them change their minds so I added a bit of crumbled Pure Bites chicken on top. They came back to investigate but again, nothing. If Pure Bites aren't enough to tempt them to eat something, then they REALLY don't want it. All of it ended up in the trash. I won't buy this food again. 
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