Blackhole Cat Litter Mat - Super Size Rectangular 30" X 23" (Dark Gray)

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Pros: Simple to clean, traps tracked litter very effectively, sturdy
Cons: Pricey, not suitable for very coarse litter
This mat has now been in use for three weeks, and I've never had so little litter to sweep up from the area around the (covered) litter box. The mat consists of two layers, a perforated upper layer that traps strewn litter, and a solid lower layer that holds it in place. You can comfortably walk on the mat in your bare feet despite the somewhat knobby texture, so it's suitable for use in or just outside a bathroom. Both ends of the mat are open, and therefore the litter it catches can easily be dumped in the trash or right back into the box. It can also be vacuumed, steam cleaned or hosed down.

The mat is only available in one color (graphite) and two sizes. My wish would be for an even larger size, but that would presumably make it a bit awkward to shake out. Two of the "super size" mats would be perfect, if not for the high price.
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