Bissell Lightweight 3-in-1 Vacuum, Silver

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MCE01-BB bissell silver
Bissell Lightweight 3-in-1 Vacuum, Silver
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Package Height
4.5 inches
Package Length
27 inches
Package Weight
4.25 pounds
Package Width
5.9 inches

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Pros: Lightweight, inexpensive, good suction, can be used as either a hand held or upright
Cons: Filter needs emptied often
I love this vacuum! Although I do use a Dirt Devil upright vacuum for my regular housecleaning, I use my Bissell 3-in-1 everyday, often more than once a day. It is perfect for quick clean up of scattered kitty litter and the little bits of cat food that stick to my feet and drive me crazy. It also does a good job picking up cat hair.

I got my Bissell a little over a year ago at Walmart. It was normally priced at just under $30 US, but I got it on sale for $19.99. In fact, it seems to be perpetually on sale at Walmart. I have seen it priced as low as $14.95 on the Walmart website. Quite a bargain, and honestly, I wasn't expecting much in terms of performance. Boy, was I surprised! This little baby has suction!

It has a handheld, Dustbuster type body, with a wide, flat, wheeled attachment for the business end. There is a long handle attachment, so it can be used as a stick- style upright. Included is a small crevice tool, great for getting in corners and on the stairs. All the parts are easy to use and simple to get on and off of the main, handheld body. The vacuum opens with the press of a button, revealing a large, dump-able dirt reservoir and a washable filter. The cord is nice and long, and winds neatly onto molded niches for storage. The entire vacuum is so slim, it props into a corner of the closet, barely taking up more space than a broom.

Recently, I have been using it to clean up the mess left behind after bringing firewood into the house. The 3- in-1 handles bits of bark and wood chips, no problem. I hate sweeping, so I also use it for the kitchen and bathroom floors and the hardwoods the family room. The wheels roll very smoothly across hard surfaces and low-pile carpet. It does a great job on cobwebs, as it is light, long, and easy to lift overhead.

We have Berber carpet, and it works well for removing surface dirt and cat hair. There is no beater bar with brushes, so I imagine it would get bogged down in carpeting with a deep pile. I do use it on the throw rugs, but again, the pile is not deep. It is nice to be able to do a quick run through of the floors without having to haul out the big vacuum.

Where this little vacuum is my lifesaver is around the litter boxes. Two of my cats zoom out of the box at a high rate of speed, scattering litter everywhere. It drives me absolutely insane. 3-in-1 to the rescue! I keep it parked in the closet next to our biggest, busiest litter box. In less than 3 minutes, I can whip the Bissell out, thoroughly clean the carpet around all three litter boxes and stow it away again. It is great to not have to bend down, other than to plug it in, and much better than dragging out the big vacuum. If I am feeling picky, it is easy to pop off the attachment with my foot and use the smaller opening on the handheld to get along the walls and in tight spaces. The Bissell has a much quieter motor, as well, and does not scare the cats like the big vacuum does.

My biggest complaint is that the filter needs emptied often. It is amazing how much cat hair comes off the carpet along with the loose litter. The filter does hold a sizable clump of fluff, hair and dirt, but the litter dust tends to clog the weave of the filter, lessening the suction. Vacuuming an entire 15'x10' room, I have to empty the filter twice. It is simple to tap the filter out into a bag, but very dusty. I empty the filter outdoors when I can. Once a week, I wash the cotton filter with regular dish soap and warm water. It dries in a couple hours and is as good as new. Last week, I noticed a little tear and will need to get a replacement filter soon. They are $4. Not bad for over a year of heavy use!

My other complaint is the handle clip. Since the long handle is removable, there is a little clip to hold it firmly in place when reattached. The clip doesn't work well. It is too loose, and the handle pops off. This was easily fixed with a strip of duct tape :) I rarely use the vacuum as a handheld, but when I do, I remove the tape. Then I just put a fresh piece on when I reattach the handle. Honestly, I may have been a little rough with it, because I am pretty hard on stuff. I didn't see many other complaints about the handle clip on Amazon. Oops!

Also, I have really long hair (past my waistline) and the 3-in-1 does not pick up my long hair very well. It pushes my hair into a hairball that I have to pick up off the carpet.

Overall, this vacuum was well worth the $20 I paid for it. Very well worth it. I took one star off for how fast the filter fills with kitty litter dust, although, I must admit, vacuuming litter is probably not the manufacturers' intended purpose for the vacuum.

Before and after. I didn't vacuum around this litter box all day today. I also vacuumed where I was standing when I took the photo, and around the food dishes, which are placed about one foot behind me.
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It took me less than a minute to vacuum the area and this is what came out of the dirt reservoir and filter. Eeew. That is a 5.5oz. can of Friskies for comparison.
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A filter and the vacuum broken down into components
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