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Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Litter

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    • Non-Stick Litter Slides Right Out of Pan
    • Rock-Hard Clumps Scoop Easily
    • 7-Day Odor-Free Home. Guaranteed
    • 100% Dust Free
    • Available in Multi-Cat & Non-Stop Odor Control

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  1. Maria Bayote
    I have used several litter brands before including those crystal ones, but this one I like. It clumps hard so I can easily scoop.
  2. SummerSaultingPandas
    I use Arm and Hammer Naturals and it seems to work fine. There's no dust in it, like other litters, which is great since you don't want kitties breathing in that stuff. I also add a scoop of baking soda if the litter is too smelly.
  3. TroyRag
    I have purchased this brand of litter and do not like it. It does not stick to the litter pan, which is great, but does not mask odor well compared to the other clumping brands.
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