Arm & Hammer Slide Clumping Litter

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General Information

  • Non-Stick Litter Slides Right Out of Pan
  • Rock-Hard Clumps Scoop Easily
  • 7-Day Odor-Free Home. Guaranteed
  • 100% Dust Free
  • Available in Multi-Cat & Non-Stop Odor Control

Latest reviews

2.00 star(s)
2.00 star(s)
Pros: Low dust. Fairly good odor control
Cons: Clumps stuck to litter pan like glue.
I was looking for something that would make scooping multiple litter boxes easier, so I tried this in just one to start. The cats used it without any issues. Unfortunately, the clumps did not "slide" as advertised. Instead, they stuck to the bottom of the litter box like glue. In the process of scraping them off bits broke off in little pieces too small to get them out of the litter with a regular scooper.
5.00 star(s)
4.00 star(s)
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Pros: Worked very well on keeping clumps taht didn't fall apart.
Cons: Did not control the odor very well, the cheaper ones did a better job on that.
I tried one box when it was on sale. I did like the clumping very well, did not fall apart at all. They were very firm and easy to sift out. But stopped using it when the odor became very pronounced quickly, it hit me in the face when I entered the house from outside. Even the cheaper ones worked better at controlling the odors. If it is on sale in the future, may try again if it says it has improved odor control.
5.00 star(s)
Pros: No dust - Really!
Clumps well
Good odor control
Doesn't stick to litter box
Cons: Heavy
I've been using World's Best litter for quite a while. I like most things about it. There is one thing I really hate. The dust!

I've tried a lot of other clumping (a requirement for me) litters and found they either were, despite claims to the contrary, also very dusty and/or they would stick like cement to the litter box. I actually broke a plastic litter scoop trying to pry up a clump of Dr Elsey's.

When I saw an advertisement for this new litter that claimed to be 100% dust free and to not stick to the litter box I had to try it. For the most part, I found it lives up to it's claims. It is completely dust free. It clumps very well. While the clumps that are in contact with the litter box don't just slide off when the box is tilted like the advertisements show, the clumps do come off very easily.

It does have a fragrance and that seems to be something some people want to avoid. It doesn't bother me at all. I think it is a light, pleasant fragrance.

And, of course, the primary requirement: My cats love it. They had no problem with an immediate switch from World's Best to it.

The only con to it for me is the weight. World's Best is very light. I would expect whatever litter I switch to would be heavier than it and maybe the Arm & Hammer isn't any heavier than other clay based litter but an oversized litter box with 3" of it is mighty heavy. But, from my experiments with other litters, I think my cats like digging in heavier litters.


I have purchased this brand of litter and do not like it. It does not stick to the litter pan, which is great, but does not mask odor well compared to the other clumping brands.
I use Arm and Hammer Naturals and it seems to work fine. There's no dust in it, like other litters, which is great since you don't want kitties breathing in that stuff. I also add a scoop of baking soda if the litter is too smelly.
I have used several litter brands before including those crystal ones, but this one I like. It clumps hard so I can easily scoop.
I agree with some on here, I like the clumping, but had to quit using it when the smell hit me in the face. Would give it 5 stars if they would control the odor better!
I have nothing bad to say about this. It clumps good,does not stick, easy to scoop,dust free, a d odor fres. I have homemade litter boxes. Maybe that makes a difference with the smell
This litter smells so bad fresh out of the box that I can smell it all through my house. It reeks. The clumping is good, but I will not buy this again.
I have purchased this brand of litter and do not like it. It does not stick to the litter pan, which is great, but does not mask odor well compared to the other clumping brands.
When I first got a cat decades ago I bought a&h litter and it stunk bad. I guess the wrong kind. Baking soda can be unhealthy for cats.
We have used FreshStep Extreme and others that have Clorox in them...they told us when I called the company..
I also would clean house once a month as usual and the wet dish cloths wet wipe doors and baseboards down with smelled was cat litter dust from the Extreme and other brands.

We now use the Arm and Hammer and are satisfied as it does not drift through the rooms onto the doors and ceiling and counter tops..

We scoop 5 times day and take it out in a plastic bag to a bucket...that is sealed...then to the trash once a week...

I know it is not as clumping as previous ones but we rather not have it floating onto our dishes, counter tops, doors and furniture..and Arm and Hammer does not.

Sheridragonfly and Lily