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Not just a new litter. A new kind of litter. ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Cat Litter is specially formulated to provide exceptional odor control. Moisture-activated Micro-Granules form a tight seal around your cat's odors while heavy duty odor eliminators and ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda destroy sealed-in odors. It's the secret to keeping your house fresh for 7 days, guaranteed.


Arm & Hammer
7 Day Odor-Free Homes Guaranteed
No Crumbly Clumps
Ultra Low Dust
Low Tracking
Your cat will love the softer feel
Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Clumping Litter, 14-Pound, Fresh Home
14 lbs.
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10 inches
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10.4 inches
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4 inches
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4.1 inches
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10.3 inches
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14.07 pounds
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10 inches
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Pros: Really delivers what it promises--ZERO ODOR
No dust, no tracking
Clumps are dry and don't break much
Cons: So far, no cons other than being just a little more expensive
I'm a long time Tidy Cat, Precious Cat, Fresh n Light user, but they just weren't cutting it in the summertime, when my bathroom (where I keep the litter box) tends to not ventilate well. The result was a litter box smell that tended to own the back of my entire apartment.

So I bought Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal with Microguard.

It's finer than litters I've used in the past, so I was a little concerned about dust and tracking.

No dust upon pouring. Zero. The scent of the litter is just enough.

And I'm impressed! I've never had a litter that so completely keeps odors away that it's like there's no litter box at ALL. Clumps don't break. And tracking? Tell you what? Sharing my bathroom with a litter box has always meant keeping a dust pan ready and sweeping my bath mat before every shower. I've now taken a weeks worth of showers and tada! Zero crumbles of litter. None underfoot.

My cats off-and-on weepy eye and sniffly nose actually improved within a day or two, too, leading me to recommend this litter to anyone whose cat seems to have sensitive noses.

In short, this is the litter you'll want if, like me, your litterbox is in an area with slight humidity and warmth issues.

I paid $13.99 for a 28 pound box at Amazon.
Pros: Minimal dust and scent is okay
Cons: Price
My cats are not picky and did just fine with the litter.  We scoop every other day with 2 cats (it's a BIG litter box). Our box is in the laundry room next to a wall and normally, we see a fine layer of dust on the wall which has to be cleaned regularly.  With this litter, the whole area is much cleaner.
I decided to try a box because I had a $5.00 off coupon but I found it to be nothing special   .. Not worth the extra cost ..


Thank you for your review....I can't use this type of clumping litter due to allergies, but I said to myself, when I saw that it came out and was so heavily advertised, that they would have all kinds of problems with it.  
To me, any litter that says  " Now you never have to change your litter box,"  as a 'positive' in their ads,.....well, there is just something amiss there.  
I know how allergic I am to the regular clumping litters, which use very harsh chemicals to 'clump,'  but this stuff looked like the worst.  
I initially used some grocery store standard clumping litter and even THAT gave me muscle aches and my lower back pain got worse by the day....I lost my energy, dragged myself around and couldn't breathe, after switching from just plain old unscented non-clumping clay within two weeks of scooping twice a day.  
Like yourself, I asked myself 'what has changed,'  I tracked it back to the litter and started to get better 24 hours after I dumped the clumping stuff and went back to the old non-clumping gravel again.  I was fine after that. 
Now, because I prefer clumping if I can tolerate it, I only use Worlds Best Litter or Feline Pine Clumping Litter....neither of them have any toxic or chemical clumping agents....I am so sorry you had to go thru this...thank God your cat is getting better.  
I have been using the Arm & Hammer new clumping litter for 2 weeks and have had no problems with it yet. Of course when I get back to Florida I will be using different litter. My daughter bought this litter when she had me come visit in Alabama. If Arm & Hammer is causing problems, do they take a while to show up? I have spent over $500 finding out what was wrong with my girl and they can do is have me force feed S/D by Hills or have surgery for the 3 bladder stones she has. I have not force fed her for a week now and don't want to. I think it is torture. She hates it and hides from me so I switched to Royal Canin and she eats it by herself. She poops and urinates quite a bit but I am afraid she will still need surgery. She runs and plays with my other cat, who is also a female, and seems fine. Any suggestions for me? I am a senior on SS and can't afford all the money this is costing. Had to put it all on the credit card. SS doesn't pay enough to even make payments to vet. Need helpful suggestions please!!!!!
I used this litter and personally got sick from it..  Also my had started passing bloody stools. I am not sure if the bloody stools are related.. but as soon as I changed the liter, no more bloody stools.  This litter smells like chemicals. I think it's poisonous.