Applaws Grain Free Dry Cat Food 5.5lb All Flavors

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Pros: Very palatable, grain free
Cons: Contains potato, which is an issue for some
This was the first kibble I gave Asha (primarily to stop her stealing Shadow's prescription kibble, which upsets her tummy). She took to it straight away, and it doesn't upset her tummy either. I'd rather it didn't contain potato, but it's a pretty decent kibble overall. Well worth trying.
Pros: 80% Protein, grain-free, low carbs, resealable bag!
Cons: not the highest ingredients and better options are available
We got Applaws for Mew to try and he loved the Chicken and Salmon flavor. I got the biggest bag and really liked it could be sealed up again! I wish other dry food bags had that option. The dry food itself isn't too expensive and it has high protein with low carbs. The only problem I have is not all the ingredients are the best. If you look at the label, the second ingredient is Dry Potato and it's higher than the other meat/protein ingredients. Meat/protein in a cat food should always be the highest ingredients and above vegetables or other ingredients. Another ingredient I didn't like was Cellulose Plant Fiber. Cellulose Plant Fiber is wood chips from bark. Overall, it's not a bad dry food and it is a lot better than many, but there are better options available.