Animal Scratch 'n Shapes Mouse & Hedgehog

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Imperial Cat
Pros: Two cute scratchers that encourage scratching and play.
Cons: The hedgehog is a bit small, but the mouse is a perfect size.
Mogli has had this scratcher duo for a couple of months now and loves the mouse in particular. It was a hit from day one. He not only uses it to sharpen his claws, but also to jump through, climb on, tip over, wrestle with, chew on and occasionally nap in. He initially ignored the hedgehog, which is kept in a different room, but after about two weeks he decided to try it and now sharpens his claws on it daily. He hasn't scratched the living room carpet at all since we got this set. The one thing that surprises me is the price listed on Amazon, because it's around three times what I paid, albeit while it was on sale.