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Pros: Lots of good deals , love subscribe & save option
Cons: Fluctuating prices .
I love Amazon.Com     I love the Subscribe & Save option  . Free shipping over $35.00 

I can find almost anything on Amazon ..
Pros: Subscribe and save, Prime, the BEST customer service
Cons: NONE
I love Amazon. I have a variety of cat foods and cat/dog treats on my Subscribe and Save that I rotate in and out depending on what I need. The prices are good to begin with but since I always have 5 or more items, I get the 15% discount on everything in my order. The Prime is worth every cent even if all you got is the free 2 day shipping. They have a great deal on Dr. Elsey's litter if anyone uses that. They are about $5 cheaper than the big box pet stores and it gets dropped off at your door. 

They are the gold standard for customer service IMO. Any issue I have is resolved in minutes with an online chat. I don't have to email or call. 

5 stars for Amazon because I can't give 6. 
Pros: fast, easy, streamlined with other purchases
Cons: shipping company changes with orders (difficult to predict)
I use Amazon all the time, albeit the Canadian site, but I do use the US one for gift shopping to my US friends. I love buying stuff from here and they have a wide variety of pet toys and supplies - I just wish Canadians got more food options! I like having it as a one-stop shop kind of store where I can buy socks, art supplies, and pet supplies in one click. The prices are usually good for readily available brand names and they're very quick to process and ship. It's very easy and convenient to use and send gift cards too, and their customer service - in my experience - has also been very good via live chat.

The only qualm I have for Canadian shipping is that they don't always use the same courier, so I can never anticipate where or when the delivery person will try to deliver to me, especially in an apartment building. Canada Post is no issue because they have keys to the building and mail boxes, Purolator is no problem because they will call to ask for more information if they see it's a building with restricted access, but UPS is a nightmare to work with. They would get the extra half star if their shipping was more consistent.


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