All Natural Temptations Treats for Cats - Free Range Chicken Flavor

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All Natural Temptations
  1. CanadaKidd
    "Called Kitty crack for a reason....not a good one!"
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    Oct 2, 2017
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    Pros - Cat love them...too much
    Cons - Too much to write in this space
    Watch the film “Pet Fooled” on Netflicks and you’ll see why these and many many more big name Pet Food company’s products are so bad and what exactly makes them bad. You’ll be shocked!
    I now make my own kitty treat at home and give my cat things like cooked chicken breast, cooked pork and beef. Canned Pacific Coast Sock-eye Salmon. No tuna cause of mercury. EPA says children shouldn’t eat tuna more than once a month. Unreal.
    I try to change it up as much as possible so my kitty isn’t always getting the same thing all the time. Invest in a cat fountain. Your car will start drinking more water and that’ll go a long way in preventing health problem especially if they are on a dry kibble only diet. Which they shouldn’t be.
  2. plan
    "My cat really does come running when I open the bag"
    Pros - It's kitty crack. Whatever's in these things, cats love them
    Cons - Treat only, Temptations aren't a replacement for regular cat food
    My cat doesn't seem to distinguish between regular temptations and this alternative, which is supposed to include added minerals and be free of preservatives. As with most cat food, it's difficult to accurately gauge health effects, but what I can say is that this is among Bud's favorite snacks, and he's a healthy, energetic little guy. He loves the chicken flavors, surfer's delight and beef.

    FYI: If you're a Costco member, look for these in your local store. I bought a two-pack of big, 16oz tubs of these things. (Regular bags are 3oz.) As with anything in Costco, you pay a bit more and get a lot more, for value over time. In my local Costco the two-packs are varieties, so you can get two different flavors in each 2-pack.
  3. 2cats4me
    "Cats love'em .."
    Pros - All natural ..
    My cats love Temptation Treats ..
  4. tarasgirl06
    Pros - Best tasting, crunchy and creamy, and no artificial colors added!
    Cons - There are never enough of these to satisfy certain cats in this family
    As much as we love the regular WHISKAS TEMPTATIONS treats, the All Natural version is the "creme de la creme" and first choice of our family!  Renowned and world-famous for their delectable flavor varieties including free range chicken (all of which we adore), these treats add an extra level of desirability because of their lack of artificial coloring agents.  And as any cat will tell you, who needs those?  Along with a diet of ultra-premium, top-of-the-line cat foods, WHISKAS TEMPTATIONS ALL NATURAL FREE RANGE CHICKEN (and other flavor) TREATS provide that extra level of satisfaction we strive to give our beloved feline family members every day.  I defy you to find any cat who does not love these.