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Advantage II Flea Control for Cats

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Lambriar Vet
  1. WhiteWolf
    "Safe and effective"
    Pros - Safe, effective
    Cons - None
    I have used this product on my cats whenever I see a few fleas in the house and it takes care of the problem quickly. It is both safe and effective. I highly recommend it. Just be careful during application so that it doesn't drip down the sides of the cat.
  2. jessie gray
    "Best flea medicine"
    Pros - easy to apply, fleas can't develop a resistance
    Cons - none
    Advantage II is the best flea medicine that I have used on my cats.  Its easy to apply, doesn't have a strong chemical smell, and it absorbs in the cat very quickly.  Not only this, but Advantage II works through contact, so the fleas don't have to bite a cat in order to be killed.  This is wonderful for cats who have flea bite allergies or other skin related conditions that are aggravated by flea bites.  Plus, the main ingredient in Advantage II is neat, because fleas can't develop a resistance to it, from what I have read.  I used to use Frontline Plus on my cats, but it didn't work at all, but Advantage II works very well.  Plus, its cheaper than Frontline.
  3. 2cats4me
    "Works great ."
    Pros - Cats have no issues with this product ..
    Our cats never go outside so we use this just once or twice during the summer months just in case . We do have 3 dogs that could possibly bring in a flea  ..
  4. red top rescue
    "Advantage II is one of the best products for flea control for cats and dogs"
    Pros - Very safe, one of only two that can be used prior to surgery, easy topical application
    Cons - oily residue for a few hours, strong odor until dry; Cat size doses are too expensive for multiple cat households
    As a rescue group, we appreciate flea products that are identical for cats and dogs, and Advantage II is one of the two.  The dose is determined by the weight of the animal, whether it is a cat or a dog, so we always buy the Extra Large Dog size (4.0 ml. tubes), each of which contains ten times the average size cat dose.  We have a weight/dose chart and divide doses using a syringe to measure and administer the flea product.  We feel it works better than the other name brand product that is the same for cats and dogs (Frontline Plus).  Rarely we have had cats that have skin sensitivities to the Advantage, and for them we will use the Frontline as it is less irritating and does not have the same strong smell.  We have used Advantage for many years with good results and no problems.
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