Adopt A Cat Rescue Shelter - Lake Park, FL

Adopt A Cat Rescue

General Information

Adopt A Cat Foundation, Inc. is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization, committed to finding loving homes for rescued cats and kittens. We are located in Lake Park, Florida in Palm Beach County.Adopt A Cat Foundation & their foster-care guardians provide shelter for over 200 homeless, abandoned, ill and injured cats/kittens everyday.• Rescue, trap, spay, neuter and provide medical treatment.• Evaluate and provide options for their continued care. Our cat shelter is a NO-KILL SHELTER.• Socialize/handle to adopt out.• Return 'unadoptables' back to their colonies where a committed caretaker feeds them daily and monitors their ongoing condition.• Help educate and inform the public about the importance of spay & neutering through shelter tours, fundraising events, TV spots, mailings, flyers and our newsletter. Old Dixie HighwayLake Park, Fl 33403561-848-4911


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