Absolute Abyssinians - Baton Rouge, LA

Absolute Abyssinians

General Information

Absolute Abyssinians is a small, home-raised cattery specializing in Ruddy and Reds (non-dilute). While Absolute Abys have enjoyed significant success in the showring, the first priority is health and disposition. Kittens are never caged and come completely socialized by 2 very playful and protective Dobermans. Emphasis is placed on a very low COI (coefficient of inbreeding). All breeding cats are DNA screened for genetic diseases known in the breed.Kittens do not leave for homes until 16 weeks of age and come with a health guarantee, full vaccinations and a microchip. Potential homes will need references, pictures of the home and one or more personal interviews via phone.Baton Rouge, LAhttp://www.absoluteabyssinians.com


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