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9 Lives Daily Essentials

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  1. konstargirl
    "Cat hates it with a passion!"
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - Makes cats vomit, Smells horrible
    Long time go, someone gave me a can of 9lives Chicken for my cat and I wasn't sure how would she react at first. I check the ingredients on the back to see if it had beef and it didn't. So she ate her food and within 20 mins later, she barfs i up. What worse is ot smelled horrible! Whatever it is that made her barf and honestly I do not want to know, I will not be getting this food again even to future cats.
  2. piotyr
    "Ugly Stuff!"
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 1, 2015
    Pros - Appears to be a bargain; large bag, national brand name and competitively priced
    Cons - Causes gas, diarrhea and vomiting
    We have three cats, all were feral and litter mates when they appeared on my porch and I started to feed them. Three cats can consume quite a bit of food so as I shopped for dry food I bought  9 Lives Daily Essentials.

    That product appears to be a bargain when you're perusing all the choices on the cat food aisle. It comes in a large bag, it presents you with a national brand name and it's competitively priced. How could you go wrong?

    WRONG! What a mistake. I'm 83 -- I've had cats most of my life, and never have I had a cat on my lap who was passing gas! After feeding 9 Lives Daily Essentials all three exhibit the same behavior: gas, diarrhea and vomiting. This stuff is poison. Don't fall for the "name brand" -- "Caring for Cats" is the motto printed on the bag by "Big Hearts Pet Foods" (gimme a break!) out of San Francisco. The bag doesn't say where the product is produced -- off-shore is my guess and probably unregulated.
  3. kntrygrl256
    "Not worth buying"
    Pros - It's inexpensive
    Cons - strong smell, mostly fillers
    I have fed this to most of my cats as a treat for years. When I got Zander and she was so sick I decided to feed her primarily wet food and got this, big mistake. Although my other cats would eat it, she would nibble and stick her nose up at it. Half the time she would only lick at the gravy and leave the food. More of it was wasted than eaten.
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  4. 2cats4me
    "No Go"
    Pros - Affordable
    Cons - Cats did not like it ..
    My picky cats would not touch this . No surprise ..
  5. bubbleberry
    "He loves it"
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 9, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - My cat loves almost all flavors, thats the only wet food he eats
    Cons - none
    My cat loves almost all flavors. He enjoys 9-lives wet and dry and looks forward to having it every time

    He prefers the chicken and beef flavors the most
  6. misterwhiskers
    "Horrible, sorry to say."
    Pros - Cheap.
    Cons - Gave cat diarrhea and then he refused it altogether.
    I figured major name, cats ate it right? Gave my rescue kitten diarrhea, I mean bad. And I was told this was what he'd been eating.
    Can I be blunt? It was so bad it actually turned my cat off from eating. Spend a little more because the vet bills aren't worth it!! 9 lives--you can do better!! :((
  7. roguethecat
    "cheapest food, multiple cats vomit - therefore quite expensive after all."
    Pros - some cats don't vomit?
    Cons - at least it contains some moisture...
    I tried this for my ferals because it's so cheap, and after some reluctance they ate it only to vomit shortly afterwards. So I had to 1. clean up the vomit and 2. give the same amount again (of another food) which did make the whole experience quite expensive.

    Maybe it works for some cats out there, but not for mine.
  8. kittehkatlover
    "My cat love 9 lives cat food."
    Pros - Price and Flavors
    Cons - Smell of certain Flavors
    My Colorpoint Shorthair cat, Mimi loves nine lives cat food! When she eats the same flavor for a while she refuses to eat the food. She's a very picky cat. People say their cat(s) have gotten sick because of the 9 lives cat food. My cat just had kittens so I started feeding her wet food because she was nursing and she needed fluids which dry cat food doesn't have. Now Mimi's kittens are 5 weeks old and they also love 9 lives as well. I live far away for pet stores such as Pet Smart and Petco so I don't have a choice but to but 9 lives. I buy the cat food in my grocery. Also, There are fancy feast cat food but it is $1.00 for one tiny can! I buy Friskies sometimes when it is on sale. But, my cat love 9 Lives and doesn't vomit or get ill. I usually look at the expiration date on the cat food to see if it is expired. Spoiled food is very harmful to cats. Some of the flavors make me very nauseous suck as 'Liver and Bacon dinner' and 'Beef in Gravy dinner' 
  9. gravekandi
    "Alright in a rotation diet"
    Purchase Date:
    Aug 1, 2013
    Pros - Price, can size, cat likes it
    Cons - Ingreidents arent the best, Smel
    I like to use all the 9 lives cat food in rotation with other "higher end" cat food. I believe in rotation its great! My cat likes it & I like the price. All though if you have a sensitive nose you can easily smell the food once you open it. And the ingredients aren't as great as the higher end kind, but what can you expect when its 1/5 the price? Anyhow I recommend it in a rotation diet. 
  10. mewlittle
    "Made cats sick"
    Cons - Made cats sick
    I don't know what's with this brand but everytimes I feed it my cats get sick then a couple weeks down the road I need to deworm them I don't buy it anymore last time I bought it was 2011
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