4Health Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Pros: It has wonderful ingredients with no vegetable fillers, the kitties love it
I go through up to 650 oz of wet food per month in my multi cat household. Keeping costs down while keeping quality up is a really big priority.

The answer to my dilemma was 4Health grain free canned food. I use mostly the turkey and giblets and chicken dinner in gravy flavors.

They are excellent quality and cost much less than many premium branded canned foods. The kitties lick their bowls clean and I love that I can give them an all canned diet on a budget. :clap:
Pros: grain free food at exceptional price
Cons: Cat didn't particularly care for it, only sold thru Tractor Supply
Not a bad food at all. Bought the chicken in gravy--69¢ for 5 oz. My cat licked the gravy and walked away. Much preferred the turkey with giblets...not enough to make it his regular canned, but enough to keep in rotation, or as a backup, as he ate about half of what I put down, which is still more than he does with Sheba.

Would be a great food to start a kitten on, as the ingredients are good, it's grain free, and the price is VERY good!!!