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    Cell phones!

    Dusty's Mom- Cingular was bought by AT&T so our rate was grandfathered in . Cingular was definitely cheaper than AT&T. I told hubby that now I know, I'd never switched to another carrier!
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    Cell phones!

    I have an iphone 4. Our phone service has always been AT&T. We've been with them for over 10 years. I don't know what plan we have (honestly) since we've had Cingular since our first cell phone. A couple of months ago I was in an AT&T store checking out the new plans hoping to cut our phone...
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    Trying new meat this week

    A lot of cats (include ours) LOVE LOVE rabbit. I suspect yours will too. I used to make one protein per batch. Whenever rabbit is served our little monsters inhale them so fast (& beg for more) I was worry they'd vomit. They're also way less enthusiastic about other proteins after rabbit...
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    How warm/ how do you warm raw food for your kitties?

    I store kitties raw food in airtight jars in the freezer. There are always 2 jars in the fridge. Whenever they finish a jar, another one gets taken out of freezer. So I always have one ready & the other defrosting. My kitties throw up if I feed them cold or frozen raw food. Their food is...
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    Am I crazy to think closing the door is a reasonable request?

    I've been on both side of the fense before. As another member already said, I'd let the landlord handle this. It's his property. He wants to rent it out as fast as possible in order to generate income and needs to deal with the problems. If things turn ugly between you & the other tenant...
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    Who here doesn't have a car?

    I don't have a car nor a license. I go everywhere using public transportation. Being in downtown Chicago it costs more to keep a car. I'm in the process of getting a license for emergency situations & in case we want to get out of city for a day or two
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    So What's On the Menu Tonight?

    Baked salmon with roasted vegetables. A portion of roasted veggies will also be tossed in pasta as side dish. Roasting is the only other way besides stew DH will eat veggies.
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    So What's On the Menu Tonight?

    Yum! I was never a pork fan until I tried a pork tenderloin recipe. It came out so flavorful & juicy even next day. I'm making it again tonight with sauteed spinach & mushroom.
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    Where do you go for advice?

    Hubby if personal otherwise internet.
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    Was this rude? (long)

    That's just down right rude. It was extremely nice of you to offer to pay for her ticket. IMO she should consult you first before invite her other friends
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    White cats and health problems

    I can't compare as our two white cats are our first cats. Fred was blocked last year & his sibling Ginger had FUS a month ago; very common in cats. Both of them have inflammed gums that did not go away after teeth cleaning. Ginger was diagnosed with eosinophilic complex & have all her teeth...
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    True Blood Series

    I was introduced to Sookie Steakhouse series after Twilight series. I will not watch True Blood because normally when a book is made into movie the movie is never as good as the book. Amazon Community has a thread in paranormal romance with readers favorite authors. Anyone looking for...
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    There's a new way to spell cold today ......

    I need to toughen up . It's not as cold today in the chi-town- 9 with windchill -13 but I've got my long john top & bottom underneath, plus hat, gloves & scarf. A short 10 minute to walk from the train & I can't feel my cheeks.
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    New Game: True or False?

    So true. They're so YUMMY. TPBM wears a liquid foundation.
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    New Game: True or False?

    False! I hate chocolate. TPBM like cherry vanilla ice cream.
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    New Game: True or False?

    False. We have two white cats . TPBM it's raining pretty hard right now.
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    Best hair/lint remover

    Never thought of duct tape before. Thanks for the suggestion. We bought the ones designed for pet hair however they don't really work on all fabrics (fleece is one of them). I wear mostly dark colors, with 2 cats I cover in cat fur in the matter of hours.
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    Daily Thread TGIF Dec 5th!

    Good morning & happy Friday everyone . Still working on month-end close but it's not as crazy as a few days ago. Hubby will be flying oversea to see his mom next week so this is the last weekend we'll be spending time together. He won't be back unitl 12/31. I'm a little sad that he won't be...
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    New Game: True or False?

    False. TPBM got some awesome deals on Black Friday.
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    New Game: True or False?

    False. Will be going to the mall today . TPBM has been to China.