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  1. Sonatine

    Featured January 2020 Picture of the Month: Cats Helping / Supervising

    Entry: Amelia makes sure that I put all the groceries away.
  2. Sonatine

    Experiences with Orbax/Orbifloxacin?

    I can at least clarify a little about the duration of medication in UTIs. Humans have some medications that are proven to clear up UTIs in 5-7 days, some as little as 3. We feel comfortable giving meds for just that time because we've researched it and know it works. Either the meds available to...
  3. Sonatine

    Did my cat just try to protect me?

    Usually when they play, Mischief tends to chase and pin Millie more than vice versa, since she's so much bigger; Millie likes being chased and prefers sneak attacks though she can win a round when she wants (and when she wants to win there's no stopping her). It makes me wonder who's really in...
  4. Sonatine

    Experiences with Orbax/Orbifloxacin?

    14 days is not an unusual amount of time to treat for a UTI in cats. My own cat had a UTI and was treated with this drug, for that length of time. She's had no ill effects from it. It seems that most of the adverse effects associated with orbifloxacin are observed at much higher doses than...
  5. Sonatine

    Did my cat just try to protect me?

    Fine, really. Still groomed each other and no problems when I played with them both. Wrestled again after that, too. Then Mischief laid in my lap while Millie laid next to us on the top of the couch. Seems there's no hard feelings between them. They do usually play really rough though...
  6. Sonatine

    Did my cat just try to protect me?

    My cats had a little spat and if I didn't know better I could have sworn one of them was trying to protect me from the other. Mischief tried to jump on me while I was eating and lost her balance. She hooked her claws into me and I yelped while she fell to the floor (this happens a lot). Millie...
  7. Sonatine

    Want another cat but can't...

    Agreed. We can't take them all. Someday I would very much like to have more than just two... But that just can't happen right now. I can't compromise the care of my current cats.
  8. Sonatine

    Serene In Front Of Computer Screen

    Mischief and Millie prefer to be in between me and the computer... or simply sitting on the computer.
  9. Sonatine

    Goofey Faces

    Mischief is a pretty derpy cat.
  10. Sonatine

    Let's See Ur Snoots!!!

    Big kitty eyes and little kitty nose.
  11. Sonatine

    The feets!

    Little tucked peets.
  12. Sonatine

    Transdermal vs. oral gabapentin

    Based on this study that I just read, it seems that gabapentin is not well absorbed transdermally. Here it is if you're curious: Admittedly, this was a fairly small study, so I'm not sure if it's enough to say that transdermal gabapentin...
  13. Sonatine

    Naughty Cats

    \ These naughty little gremlins got into the bonito. They tore open the (brand new, unopened) bag and ate two thirds of it while I was at rehearsal.
  14. Sonatine

    Progress bloodwork- high cholesterol

    Cholesterol is in all animal products, so it's going to be impossible to give him food without any in it. Still, going for lower fat food and managing his weight will help to maintain heart health. Playing with him so he gets mild to moderate intensity exercise will also help to keep cholesterol...
  15. Sonatine

    I'm just about done.

    Have you tried changing his diet? I've got a cat who will crap outside the box when a food doesn't agree with her, but otherwise is very good about using her box. He may be sensitive to something in his food if he has diarrhea that consistently. When he does poop outside the box, how do you...
  16. Sonatine

    Just how bad is a fishy diet really?

    The best food is the food the cat will eat, at the end of the day. It's true that it might make her pickier; you'll need to weigh the benefits of her eating more with the downsides of having a cat that only wants seafood. Feeding fish may have nutritional downsides, but sometimes they might be...
  17. Sonatine

    New adopted kitten hissing

    How long has it been since you brought her home? I'm not reading anything that sounds alarm worthy yet. The hissing sounds like something she is doing because she's scared; same with the hiding and crying at night. How are you playing with her? For a scared kitty, a toy that gives her some...
  18. Sonatine

    Write a poem in the voice of your kitty

    Roll me up and tuck my feet And put me in to bake Add in just a little love A cat loaf I will make! Here comes trouble Make it double We like to scheme and plot Do a crouch Then scratch the couch And we regret it not.
  19. Sonatine

    The feets!

    Little pink toebeans.
  20. Sonatine

    Furniture and Cat Claws

    I relate with your frustration. One of my cats scratches the furniture to get my attention. Which means that any reaction I give her is affirmation, but it's awfully hard to just ignore. If I had solutions, my couch would not look the way it does. Luckily the couch was cheap.