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  1. esco98

    Esco looking wild

    I took some pics of my baby boy Escanor (literally do this non stop) and as I was looking back at the pics I thought hey! He looks like a little like bobcat here! Just thought this was cute and wanted to share(:
  2. esco98

    Weird behavior after vet appointment

    Escanor had to go get his yearly shots today and he got microchipped. They did the rabies, feline leukemia and a third shot that I don’t remember what it was for. He also got microchipped. He did soo good and just seemed pretty pissed and tired after the appointment which is to be expected. A...
  3. esco98

    Today Was Almost Perfect

    so today was very busy. Woke up, baby sat my sister, went to a photo shoot which was SO MUCH FUN, out to eat with my boyfriend. I was so happy with how all my photos turned out from my photo shoot, I even made some new friends which is great considering I’m lacking in that department. Dinner was...
  4. esco98

    Butt Shaking?

    so recently we noticed Escanor will shake his behind and tail when we go to feed our dog. He does it next to the trash can and the best way I can describe is it looks like his butt and tail are vibrating. And it’s only by the trash can when we go to feed the dog. I was worried he was spraying...
  5. esco98

    Sheba Cat Food?

    ive read some of the threads on here about the Sheba Perfect Portions but haven’t found the answers I’m really looking for. Is Sheba really grain free? Does it have a healthy amount of protein? It’s on sale for super cheap at Target right now and I want to pick up a few of them for those days I...
  6. esco98

    Just Wanted To Brag A Little/feeling Emotional

    my cat Escanor (Esco) was a stray that wondered into my garage. When I first heard there was a cat in my garage I knew I probably wouldn’t keep it and would have to take him to the shelter. Then when I got him I met him and fell in love. I wanted to keep him so bad but had no clue how I was...
  7. esco98

    Undecided On What To Do With Stray

    so my boyfriend made friends with a new stray that came up to our house late last night. He gave her food and water and made a little space for her on the side of the house with a shoe box. He said she looks malnourished although you won’t be able to tell in the photo he says she’s very skinny...
  8. esco98

    Anyone Have An Idea Of The Breed?

    so I found my baby in my garage one day and he looked like a baby maybe 6-8 weeks old. He wasn’t in the best shape and I quickly started taking care of him and took him to the vet for shots and a check up. The vet told me at first glance he was probably 8 weeks old. Well after a full examination...