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  1. mystik spiral

    Mean Cat

    I admire you for what you to do help feral cats. But, it's clear that Callie gets stressed out when you bring them inside. In a perfect world, every cat would have a home, but I have to ask: Why are you putting the ferals ahead of Callie? Why are you considering putting her down because she...
  2. mystik spiral

    Indoor Cat?

    Welcome! The shelter that I adopted my two from actually requires in the contract that you are going to keep the cat indoors. It isn't difficult AT ALL. Have toys, windows, and preferably some sort of high places where the cat can jump. I finally was able to get a 6-foot cat condo about a year...
  3. mystik spiral

    Kitty pet peeves

    Holland has never been a puker. A couple times when she was young, but that was it. Then comes Daymon. He's not bad, has only puked a handful of times since I adopted him, but it's usually at night while I'm sleeping or while I'm at work. One morning I stepped in it. There has only been one...
  4. mystik spiral

    Had the biopsies today

    Lots of vibes, hun! There is nothing worse than the waiting game. I hope everything turns out OK.  
  5. mystik spiral

    Kitty pet peeves

    This thread is cracking me up. I've had Holland for 4 years, and she is my baby, and she is spoiled, and boy, SHE KNOWS IT! She is a one-woman cat. She will give me all the affection in the world, but if anyone comes over, she's all "STRANGER DANGER!" and goes to hide under the bed. Daymon is...
  6. mystik spiral

    It's been a while since I posted pictures of the crew....

    They are all GORGEOUS! And OMG, that picture of Tuxedo could SO be Daymon every night around 9:00 on my lap. His face markings are very similar, and the little paws and fang... SO my kitty.  
  7. mystik spiral

    Kitty pet peeves

    Sometimes Holland will be sitting in my lap snuggling and getting petted, and after 4 years together I know her pretty well. If her tail starts to get going I know she's getting overstimulated, even though she is in my lap looking like she's asleep, so I'll stop touching her. Normally, she'll...
  8. mystik spiral

    Kitty pet peeves

    I have two cats and live in a little one bedroom apartment. It's not ideal, but I know I need to have two litterboxes at minimum. So one is in the bedroom. Daymon seems to have to pee/poop EVERY morning around 4:00. Then he scratches the litter for what seems like an hour. Obviously I don't...
  9. mystik spiral

    My Mom passed away on Friday morning

    Pam, I'm so sorry! I lost my dad 4 years ago and even when you are (somewhat) expecting it, it's still a shock. Many, many positive vibes for you and your family.  
  10. mystik spiral

    Happy National Cat Day everyone!

    I didn't even know there was a National Cat Day until I logged into Facebook this morning. Give all your little loves some extra loves today!
  11. mystik spiral

    Luna & Midnight in their Halloween costumes!

    They are so cute! I have to agree though, that they don't look amused. I love Midnight's Haunted House costume.  
  12. mystik spiral

    Happy Gotcha Day Holland!

    When I was in junior high, my dad got a serious offer for a job in Anchorage. Like, he and my mom went to Alaska to look for a house serious. We obviously ended up NOT moving, but it was agony to my 13-year-old self to think of leaving everything I knew behind. I am a lucky one - my parents...
  13. mystik spiral

    Some of my crew...

    Oh my, they are all gorgeous, but Muffin is just... ->
  14. mystik spiral

    Happy Gotcha Day Holland!

    Aww, you're ex-Denver? I was born & raised here. I can't imagine living anywhere else.  
  15. mystik spiral

    Happy Gotcha Day Holland!

    She sleeps like that on the floor all the time. I can only take so many pictures before it gets redundant (see the pic in my avatar too... ) It makes me so happy that she is so happy and content.
  16. Happy Gotcha Day Holland!

    Happy Gotcha Day Holland!

  17. mystik spiral

    Happy Gotcha Day Holland!

    It was 4 years ago today that I adopted my little black beauty! Holland this past Sunday afternoon: Happy Gotcha Day, sweetheart!
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  20. mystik spiral

    Getting ear unplugged

    Sounds like you've probably tried everything, but here are a couple suggestions I have. I've never had a problem with wax buildup, but this is what I've used in the past: 1. Hydrogen peroxide. Saturate a cotton ball with it, lie on your side, and squeeze the cotton ball to drip it in your ear...