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  1. Lyzzie

    I Voluntered To Hand Rear Two 3 Days Old Kittens Rejected By Their Momma

    Hi gals and guys, Here's the story : My neighbor just told me that her friend's colleague just had a litter of 8 (because she wanted a kitten, I know, I'm furious too, let's not dwell on that). Momma cat rejected 2 kittens. The friend is willing to adopt them, but she knows nothing about hand...
  2. Lyzzie

    7 mo Medley has pneumonia and a heart murmur

    Our foster fail Medley has been diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday. The vet also heard a murmur, and we're going back next Wed. for an echo. He's only 7 month old. Yesterday I've been doing some researching, and although I like being better informed, I'm also scared. He's coughing, has lost...
  3. Lyzzie

    Sparrow didn't came home last night

    I hoped that I never would have to post in this section, but here I am. Background : When we adopted him on July 2015, we were told he was never asking to go outside, but was still able to. His foster family had a large backyard, very well fenced. Of course, as soon as he settled with us, the...
  4. Lyzzie

    New fosters - Medley & Moby - Advice welcome

    We got two new fosters on the 6Th, Medley and Mobidic (That's a clever french spelling for Moby Dick). They are around 6 months old, both males, freshly identified, neutered and vaccinated. They were trapped two weeks ago at a rest stop on the freeway. As far as we could tell, they were a part...
  5. Lyzzie

    Feral or stray colonies - Help building winter shelters

    Here's the whole (long) story : My sister became aware of two colonies found on rest stops on both sides of the highway connecting our cities. At first people thought there were just one, but when they went to trap them, they were on the "wrong" side of the road, and found a second colony. For...
  6. Lyzzie

    Kyran, Sparrow and Shadow

    I have lots of pics and videos of my cats (past and present), and not a lot of people in RL to share them with, so here they are!!! My Rainbow Cat Kyran : Approximately 3 months old, "fresh" from the shelter : After some time and TLC : I think this was 2009-2010, so that made him...
  7. Lyzzie

    Vet recommendations about injection sites related reactions : intra-muscular injections. Thoughts?

    I just got my second cat, Shadow, on Monday. She's a female black kitty, with little patches of white on her chest and belly. She's following us everywhere already! I took her to the vet on Tuesday, for a check-up. She's estimated at around 4.5 mo, because she still has her baby teeth. She...
  8. Lyzzie

    My new foster is a feral kitten - I need support please!

    My new foster arrived today. He's a 3 month old feral kitten. He was captured last Friday, and spent the week-end at the vet. Clean bill of health, and he was treated for fleas and worms. the vet wouldn't neuter him because he's not big enough. I don't know his weight, but to me he seems big for...
  9. Lyzzie

    How to share a pic from a TCS article on FaceBook?

    Hi, I've just finished reading this great article about feral cats : 7 Inspurrational Quotes For Proud Lovers Of Feral Cats   I want to share one of the pics with a quote on FB, and I can't figure out how to do that... Can anyone help? Thanks!
  10. Lyzzie

    My first foster kitty arrives tomorrow - stocked and anxious

    As I discussed with @Ondine, I was asked by a local association to be a foster mom, and I said yes. That was two days ago, and they just called to ask me to foster a 3 month old female tortie!!! Poor baby was thrown over a fence in a private yard, and the house's owners called the association...
  11. Lyzzie

    HELP! Found a stray, how can I trap him?

    For a couple of days now, the kibbles that I left outside for my neighbor's cat have been eaten way too fast for her to be the one doing the eating. Two nights ago we heard a cat's vocalizations outside our window, and it was not Lili (neighbor's cat). Last night nothing, but half an hour ago...
  12. Lyzzie

    Full Crazy Cat Lady Mode - Catifying for Sparrow

    Being mindful of Sparrow's nutritional needs was what brought me to TheCatSite. I didn't know that I was going to find a lot more! Reading about and seeing what everyone else is doing for their cat just sparked something, and now... I'm in Full Crazy Cat Lady Mode, except I only have the one cat...
  13. Lyzzie

    Cat shedding a lot - Hairball control

    Sparrow is a Short Hair Tabby, but he sheds A LOT. He also is a bit of a neat freak, and grooms himself quite a bit too. I brush him every day, but he stills gets hairballs at least twice a month. The last time was this morning, on the bed, right on my leg, while I was sleeping  . The...
  14. Lyzzie

    Sparrow's Raw menu & progress

    Sparrow is a 4 yo male tabby rescue, he's been with us for 1 year. I'm switching him to a Frankenprey diet, and after almost 2 weeks of getting him on timed meals (he was "free fed" a controlled portion of dry before), he and I are finally ready! I already gave him chicken and chicken liver...
  15. Lyzzie

    New to raw - Questions about meats, calories, taurine and sodium

    Hi everyone, I'm Lise, I'm new here, and since I've been browsing this site, I've decided to switch Sparrow, my 4 years old male tabby, to raw. I think the Frankenprey model is the best for us. I did a lot of research, but I still have a few questions. #1 : About the meats I think I have a...
  16. Lyzzie

    Bonjour from France - Lise & Sparrow

    Hi everyone! I'm Lise, I'm French, and I've been reading posts here for 4 or 5 days now, so I figured it was time to step out of the shadows. I've stumbled upon this site while searching for information on Raw diets for my cat, Sparrow. Here's little bit about him : Sparrow is around 4 years...