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  1. angels mommy

    Happy Fall, Ya'll ! 😁🍁🎃

    Like most people, I love fall! We don't get much, for to long, here in NC, so I enjoy any we do get. I thought it'd be fun for people to post pictures of their fall decorations. 😁🍁 I also have a mantle for the first time, so was excited to decorate this year. Here's what I did this past week...
  2. angels mommy

    Update from Angel's mommy. 😊 (Sorry, long post)

    Hi friends, I hope all of you are doing well. Especially with all thats going on in this world right now. It's been a really long time, so I thought it was time for an update. As many of you know, almost 2 yrs ago now, I unexpectedly had to move from where I lived for a little over 20 yrs...
  3. angels mommy

    It's been one year today.. ❤️

    Its hard to believe that it's been one year ago today, that I lost my little girl, Sammie ❤. She was supposed to be my healthy kitty, after losing Angel to lymphoma. instead, she was only with me for 2 yrs & 2&1/2 months. Cancer reared its ugly head in my life again. This time as carsanoma. A...
  4. angels mommy

    Happy Easter Everyone

    Good afternoon. I thought I'd just say Happy Easter to you all. :bunny: (Found some cute pictures of "Easter kitties" on Pinterest, too cite not to share!) ;) :D "Snuggle bunnies!" :D:bunny:
  5. angels mommy

    Three Years Already....

    I can't believe that tomorrow, February 5th, will be 3 years that my sweet boy, Angel has crossed the bridge. It's gone by so fast! I also can't believe that before this day has come, I had another baby show up at my door, and lost her as well.....also to cancer, after only 2 years, & 2 & 1/2...
  6. angels mommy

    How Do I Sign Up For The Newsletter?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering how I sign up for the newsletter. I looked around, & didn't see anywhere to do so. Thanks! Kelly
  7. angels mommy

    Fly Free My Beautiful Girl

    As many of you know, I lost my sweet girl Sammie this past Friday, on 12-14-18, after first taking her to the vet on 11-10-18. She had fluid in her chest, & a large mass on her liver. It was carcinoma. We fought together for a month and just over 3 days. This is our story and Rainbow Bridge...
  8. angels mommy

    Sammie's Not Doing So Well..... :'(

    Hi my friends, I know I'm not here as much as I used to be, or would like to be. My cleaning business is just about full, & with it being just me, it's busy. This past week Sammie hadn't been eating as much, & I was afraid she'd get into dangerous territory, so I got her worked in at the vets...
  9. angels mommy

    Halloween Thread!

    Looking at all the cute pictures of cats in costumes from years past, I didn't see one for this year yet, so thought I'd start one! I'm sure some of you will have some pictures of your cat dressed up, etc... Anything Halloween theamed, just for fun! :biggrin: It's not really a costume, but I...
  10. angels mommy

    New Cat Tree!

    Happy caterday everyone! So, last week the top perch on Sammie's cat tree started being wabbly. It was screwed in as tight as it could go, so my dad added a washer to the screw hoping it would help. It didn't. I took it apart, only to discover that part of the plastic around the hole was broken...
  11. angels mommy

    I'm Unexpectedly Having To Move! (sorry, Long Post)

    Hi friends, I am having to move, & very unexpectedly! I am not too happy about it. As some of you may remember from some previous post, I don't have the best landlord. A little over a week ago he gave me a 30 day notice! I have been here for about 20 years, & have given this place a complete...
  12. angels mommy

    Is It Shedding Season Or What?!!

    It is definitely shedding season!! I've been brushing Sammie every day, & get at least 3 brush fulls every time. I usually brush her every other day or so anyway, even though she doesn't like it, like Angel did. It's really nessesary. I've even had to put an old sheet across the bottom half of...
  13. angels mommy

    Where's That Squirrel?!

    So Thursday morning I happened to look out on the porch, checking on Sammie, & caught this, so grabbed my phone and started taking pictures! It was so cute, because normally, she pays them no mind.
  14. angels mommy

    Sammie & The Squirrel!

    So yesterday (Sat.) morning, I had just let sammie out, & saw this squirrel run up the stairs, & jump onto the trellis in the corner. He proceeded to go from the railing to the porch....With Sammie sitting right there! I couldn't believe Sammie stayed put. She's not been bothered by them coming...
  15. angels mommy

    It's Been Awhile!

    Hello my friends. I rarely get a chance to hang out here anymore, so thought I'd come by while I have a couple days off & catch up w/ everyone! :hellocomputer: I miss you guys!! Besides being much busier, I rarely get notifications anymore, since the new format, w/ the exception of P.M.'s. So...
  16. angels mommy

    Let's see your hair! :)

    Hello everyone!  So, over on another thread, some of us were having a little "side conversation" about our hair, so I thought it would be fun to start a thread on the subject.  I know we have some here with very long hair, some with short, and some fun colors as well! SO, lets see some...
  17. angels mommy

    New kitty needs dental

    Hi, as many of you know, I lost my "soul kitty" Angel to Lymphoma back on 2/5/16. I thought it would be a LONG time before I had another. For emotional, & financial reasons. Little did I know, I'd be adopted again so soon! This past Labor day weekend, I sweet little black kitty started hanging...
  18. angels mommy

    Friends new cat has cloudy eyes

    Hi, so I am posting for a friend of mine who has had a new kitty come into her life, & isn't on the site yet.  She has an orange & white stray, girl that had made her house home. She has noticed that both of her eyes are cloudy, & she said one is jittery?  She said she doesn't think it's...
  19. angels mommy

    I've been adopted again! Kind of long,(sorry) & picts! :)

    Hello My friends. As many of you know, back on February 5th I lost my beloved one & only Angel to lymphoma.  This is where he tends to like to sleep. As you can see Angel's memorial hydrangea is still blooming!!  I put this up, because the afternoon sun is so hot! This was the first time...
  20. angels mommy

    I Finally finished my coffee table!

    As some of you may remember from another thread, I got a coffee table last year. My mom & I found it at a shop that redoes some furniture, & sells it, as well as second hand stuff.(mostly furniture). It was in November, so my mom got it for me, & I told her that could be my Christmas gift. I...