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  1. gailc

    Badger not eating after her pyometra spay

    Picked up Badger yesterday afternoon.  She was a bit wobbly when she got home.  Put her on our bed which she stayed for a awhile. Throught the rest of the day she went down to the family room and rested on the sofa and then the kitty sofa.  Gave her the clavomox (fun!) and meloxican.  Woke up...
  2. gailc

    Badger has pyometra

    She has been having some spotting since this weekend but otherwise ok.  Took her in this afternoon as we thought it might be bladder infection.  The vet did a syringe and got some discharge.  Temp is okay.  They were doing blood tests this afternoon to check white blood cell count .  If high...
  3. gailc

    I've been AWOL

    Hello! Everything is good.  I have a big garden tour at my house on May 17th So I've been spreading ALL my free time weeding.  After this event has passed I'll fill you all in on what's new.
  4. gailc

    T-43 hours before road trip

    So the swollen lymph nodes are better-a little vertigo today just a few minutes off and on. But I slipped on wet floor yesterday morning at work!  Bruise on right knee and left left foot-grr..... iced and ibuprofen is occuring. Wisconsin cheese, sausage  and misc goodies purchased just lots of...
  5. gailc

    sorry I haven't posted-vibes for me please

    I woke up Thursday at 4 am to visit bathroom.  I was extremely light headed/dizzy.  Wow- made it back to bed hoping when the alarm went off at 5 am I would feel better.  Not the case.  It was very challenging to shower, dress and drive to work.  Had a glass of oj, a banana and a slice pf toast...
  6. gailc

    My hours are changing at work next week.

    I currently am scheduled 10-4 Monday thru Friday.  Starting next week I will be going to 6 am to noon still Monday thru Friday. I am a morning person so hopefully I will be used to the change.  Plus I will have less to do!! We are trying a change in the production of our products causing this...
  7. gailc

    Who has written a letter of recommendation?

    I have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for one of our high school students as she has applied to the local tech school after high school graduation.  Lucky for me she is an excellent person to work with. Any ideas of what I should include?
  8. gailc

    Baby shower -attend or not

    My husband comes from a large family-7 siblings and 17 nephews and nieces.  Understandably many weddings and children so many wedding and baby showers. We of course did not have any children. We also live the farthest away from the others. So a niece is coming from texas to have were baby...
  9. gailc

    Home made cat treats

    I looked through some old posts but I don't want to use corn products.  Anyone make treats with success and would like to share a recipe?
  10. gailc

    Any quilters?

    This fall I bought two vintage (circa 1930-1940) quilt tops.  One is grandma's flower garden and the other is double wedding ring. The second one is in good shape but I am working on repairing the first one.  Lots more work than I thought.  I was 1st advised to tie the quilt but I'm thinking...
  11. gailc

    Had to take Inky to the vet last night.

    OOPS!   I mean the vet! One of her eye's was oozing discharge Tues night I wiped clean a few times.  I stopped in yesterday morning and they were able to get her in last night.  She is on eye drops (really expensive wow!) 3x day and she gets re-checked Sat morning.  The vet stained her eye and...
  12. gailc

    Dancing Cat All Stages Feline Formula

    One of our vendors is now carrying cat and dog food.  This is the name of the cat food.  Has anyone heard of it? The info we received states Its made with premium quality fish meal with wild herring, chicken meal, salmon meal, lamb meal and taurine. Contains whole brown rice, whole oats and...
  13. gailc

    Its hard to find a good ironing board.

    Mine, well it was my mom's I've had for decades and one metal part finally broke off and other-well it had to be treated gently as its really bent.  So I went looking in some stores for a new one.  Man they aren't as well made anymore.  And $$$$$$! I do sewing as well as weekly ironing.  So...
  14. gailc

    Its ironic

    Just when to pantry in the basement and took out a bag of tortilla chips.  When going upstairs chips were falling out as the bag has a hole in it.  I looked closer and Neil agreed it looks chewed open.  Went back down with flashlight and I see mouse poop on the shelf!! And I have 5 cats! ...
  15. gailc

    Temper Pedic pillows

    Anyone have of the the styles of these pillows and and positive or negative feedback would be great.  Thinking of putting this on my Christmas list.
  16. gailc

    Eeek!!c Family feud-need thoughts~

    Sorry this may be long!! The backstory first.  I made up fake names! About 15-18 yrs ago My husbands ("ted") only unmarried brother ("john") bought 90 acres of land from his dad with plans to build a house once he retired. A sister/BIL ("deb"/"bill") who farm continue to rent the farm-able...
  17. gailc

    Kittens trying to nurse on a male cat

    I can't say I've ever run across this before. Inky & Badger are about 14 weeks old and this started about 2- 2 1/2 weeks ago. Bakker my 7 yr old neutered male is a social groomer. He licks anything! Anyhow Badger was being groomed by him and she nuzzled in like she was trying to nurse on him...
  18. gailc

    Grizzly was away last night

    We came home from our nephews birthday party last night to find Grizzly laying on the floor. When I picked her up she could not put any weight on her back legs. I took over a food and water dish which she didn't want. I checked on her several times-she purred when I petted her by wasn't...
  19. gailc

    Cat missing for 23 months to be reunited with owner.

    My cousin posted on her facebook page that one of her daughters (a vet btw) living in Madison, WI will be reunited with her cat who has been missing for 23 months. "Don't know he was turned in as a stray...oh course he must have gotten his tail caught in a trap or something and it was infected...
  20. gailc

    Nub-e's necropsy results.

    My vet called me today with the results of the Animal Diagnostic Lab at UW Madison. The message on the answering machine said the results were quite interesting. First was he had the corona virus -pockets of it in lungs,liver and spleen. He also had bordetella which is found in cats as well...